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Perth: Food

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Well, Perth has been kind. To my stomach, but not my pocket, sadly. Initially we were actually worried about getting our vegetarian needs met in Perth, but we settled in and the people were kind enough to make special arrangements for us.

Apparently McDonald’s wasn’t the top-selling burgers in Australia, according to my Hongkong guide. It was this name-that-just-slipped-off-my-mind-and-i-can’t-remember-it-suddenly. And a pack of underpacked large macdonald’s fries actually cost me AUS$3! That’s S$3++! But believe me, it’s 100 times crispier and tastier compared to fries in Singapore, I SWEAR.

I love the atmostphere and the people working in the restaurants and eateries there. There’s once we were walking for already more than 30 minutes to find somewhere which sells vegetarian food and we stopped by to ask a waiter if there’s any food suitable for vegetarians and I absolutely love his response; “No, we don’t have that in the menu but I suppose I can do a little magic in the kitchens just for you!” And there you go, dinner supper settled. It turns out that the one running that Italian restaurant married someone who’s a Singaporean and upon knowing that we were tourists from Singapore, he even came up and took our orders himself, gave us complementary dishes and extra large servings! And the food was DELISH I tell you!

Some highlights:

*Note: This is not the fries from MacDonald's I mentioned;)


My 1st plate of yummy Gnocchi


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October 5, 2011 at 6:34 PM


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Do opportunities come twice? 


I knew my parents wouldn’t let me go with Ivan on his US backpacking trip, but what I didn’t know was the tinge of disappointment that was still present deep inside me. 

But nonetheless it’s good enough they gave the green light on the upcoming Perth trip (which I think if we didn’t go, the US one will be more possible but it’s okay!) 

So while I calm myself down and prepare for Perth, I still wonder where will there be an opportunity to go to amazing places. Especially after I missed this, when will there be a time where there are people willing to not only go traveling with me, but also accompany and enjoy the rides on amusement parks? As much as my aunts like traveling, they are NOT going to be there when I say I wanna ride this rollercoaster or that other fun stuff that make your heart come out. You get what I mean? 

And when will the time come?
What if the world ends tomorrow? Or 2012? 

Oh no. 

If there’s a reason why I’m studying hard now, other than to be able to support myself(and my parents of course) financially in the future, is to earn and save money to go see the rest of the world. And i don’t want anyone to stop me from doing so. 

I know I’ve been talking about traveling a lot, and that this time the trip to Perth is with a tour agency and all of which TOTALLY opposes to my previous blog entry, but I have to make do with what I have. The trip to Perth is merely a chance I have to take in order not to rot at home all holiday. That’s my mindset BEFORE I knew Ivan’s plans. 

And now I’ll just make sure enjoy myself and make the best of everything, because I know I’m already a very VERY lucky girl. 

But I can still hope, wish and DREAM, can I? 

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September 3, 2011 at 11:38 PM

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the thing with travelling and vacations

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It’s so frustrating. I just want to make a random out-of-the-spur decision to book the latest flight to somewhere. ANYWHERE. And just roam about. With my camera. Enough food. And of course MONEY.

I’ve been wanting to holiday for a really long time now, and please, not tours. I hate tours, to be very honest. I want to explore based on what I am interested in, and without any plans, routines, datelines and irritating morning calls to stress about when I’m vacationing. I want to shop when I want to, and stop whenever I want to. I don’t want a damn timetable to follow. Imagine if you’re given 1 hour to shop vivo city? INSANE.

I want to just see and feel the real life of living in the environment with natives, and not to go to tourist spots and attractions. That’s all so fake. I wanna see the real thing. How people live. What do they do after work. Do shops close at 5PM everyday or 24/7? Where do locals go frequently? What do they do? Do they hang their clothes outside in bamboo sticks?

I want to just go somewhere, take a public transport, listen to what people talk about, alight at some random stops, see a random diner and get food, see a random decent looking hotel/motel and stay a night. Then go out to explore again. I want a free, no boundaries, no expectations or limits, I WANT THE REAL THING.

Going/planning with aunts. Conservative aunts who ALWAYS go on tour and throw their money to agencies to have them settle everything. NOT GOOD. I don’t feel very encouraged, or even excited to go out anymore. They keep saying, “You think it’s that easy?” Oh, come on, try and I’ll know! I want a life with risks, and opportunities. To get lost. And find my way again. and get lost again. And maybe find some friends and get to know new people.

Am I really sounding over-confident about this whole go-with-the-flow approach to travelling?

I don’t know, maybe I will one day, when I pick up enough guts to leave and also enough money to spend and support my travelling plans. But it’s really frustrating that they are holding me back and belittling my plans? I mean, hello, people are doing this everywhere, get on a plane to anywhere in the world and just EXPLORE FREELY.

The world has so much to offer. I have so much to learn and know. I want to experience and see things from different perspectives and appreciate what the world has to offer. And most importantly, I’m so young, I wanna do all these when I still have the energy and ability to do so.

And I feel so held back by my family’s need to protect and reluctance to a laidback kind of trip where you just go last minute.

But then again.

Oh well.

I just wanna travel the world. Freely. Go wherever I want, Wherever anything takes me to.

I don’t know, but it’s not a good feeling when you know you can do and experience much more, but you’re just tied to something that refuses to let go.

You understand?

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August 21, 2011 at 1:00 AM

Glimpse of the past.

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A week ago I went to walk on the KTM railway tracks that will be dismantled and returned back to Malaysia. It’s kinda a bittersweet thing seeing my grandpa walking along the tracks and looking at little little things around, deep in thought. Well and of course I did take pictures. This should be one of the things that have stayed on and accompanied Singapore as it grew and flourshed and changed. The Padang stadium is gonna be gone soon(or has it already been destroyed?), and now this place that is history rich will also have to make way for further advancements of Singapore.

I wonder who is the one who decides which things to keep, and which to ‘sacrifice’. How do they make decisions like these? What are the things they consider before making a final decision? I would really like to know about it, to be honest. I just feel they are taking away and destroying parts of Singapore’s history. It’s kind of sad, thinking that the next generation would not be able to see these historical monuments(?) and places of Singapore just because it is too small and if they don’t make way there will be no land for more skyscapers and development.

But I really do hope they keep at least a small portion of the tracks… just like the Berlin Wall in Germany? They actually did keep a part of it right? If it carries so much meaning to the folks and the developing country, wouldn’t it be an awesome sight to still see something significant from the past as the country grow?

Oh my, I think I should just carry on with the pictures. I don’t think I know what I’m saying either. Sometimes I feel I suck at expressing my feelings. Ugh.

And here’s to national day related things trending on twitter WORLDWIDE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT! (even if you really removed ALL the tracks.)

Things that make me happy

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Well admit it, accept it, DEAL WITH IT. Shit does happen once in a while. That’s why I’m gonna learn to focus on the finer and good things in life instead of wallowing in self-pity and being emo and let negative thoughts and feelings overtake me which will result in an earlier death. (JSYK, NO I DON’T THINK THE WORLD IS GOING TO END IN 2012.)

Now everyone’s asleep and with no school tomorrow the whole freaking house is MINE. Assignments, doubts, worries and disappointments aside, it’s time to relax and do things I like.

That’s why I’ve decided to concoct a list of things that make me happy/keep me happy:

  1. Listen to music. Calms the storm in me.
  2. Singing songs out loud and asking my soft toys to sing along. And then laughing at the ridicule of this.
  3. Reading my ‘The Little Prince Deluxe Pop-up’. And the rest of my small but growing children’s storybook collection.
  4. Watching SHAYTARDS and listening to Babytard giggle!
  5. Looking at the pictures I’ve taken and thinking of the many more that is to come.
  6. Knowing there are people listening and having your back. (in this particular case, THANKS MS LAVINA!)
  7. Jamming on my guitar/piano/ukulele and act like I’m performing to a sold-out concert audience. HAHAHAHAA!
  8. Looking at awesome houses and interior designs and imagining living in that house.
  9. Thinking of what I should eat later/the next day.
  10. Racking my brains on what other things that can make me happy.

Okay that’s all I have, I know the last one is nonsense. In fact, everything is. I feel like a weirdo after reading that list. ACT LIKE I’M PERFORMING TO A SOLD-OUT CONCERT AUDIENCE?! Yes, I’m really doing a darn good job daydreaming, but nonetheless!

Moral of post: When shit happens, admit it, accept it, deal with it, FORGET IT and MOVE ON!

(My goodness I can’t believe I checked that ‘this post is super-awesome’ box before publishing.)


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August 8, 2011 at 1:23 AM


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Dear diary,

I think I’m getting more and more desperate and worried as days and weeks go by. I’m losing patience, hope, and confidence in myself. I doubt almost everything I do, especially with lesson plans and the supervision. I’m faltering because I don’t think I can do a good job. Am I just over-stressing myself and getting too worried for nothing? Something tells me to follow my gut, like I’ve always did, in whatever I do, but there’s always another voice inside me questioning my plans and even what I believe in.

I find myself getting more introverted. Other than buddies I meet everyday, I find that I can’t bring myself to even start a proper conversation with random friends I meet in buses and or other places now. And I feel bad about it. What’s wrong with me, seriously?

As much as I can get hyped and cheered up easily, my down days are just like bottomless pitholes. They send me falling down and down and down until I feel like giving up. Until I forgot why I’m here. Until I think my passion is the one pulling me down and apart instead of getting me shaped into a better and happier being.

I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to feel. People in third world countries are suffering and starving while I’m here contemplating of my life struggles. Those that are just peanuts compared to what they are suffering from. Then I feel like a selfish and arrogant bitch who doesn’t know how to cope with challenges.

Ah I feel like a loser. Times like these really suck. And what’s worse, I don’t know what I need. Sure, I can be laughing and cracking jokes with friends in school, but when I’m alone and coping with assignments and all these crap ALONE, that’s when all the devils and demons in me come out to play. And they’re doing a darn good job at it too.

I just wish all this could stop. I wish I can just do what I like, what I want at the beginning of joining this course. Sure, it’s been a fun ride, but it’s a new low I’m suffering now. I know the demands from this course is realistic and needed to help us become early childhood educators, but truthfully what has this rigid system done to us? Are they reeling more professionals in or driving all of us out?

Well here’s something from the bottom of my heart: I hate writing lesson plans. I hate being so unsure of myself. I hate that overwhelming fear I have that I might screw things up. I just hate everything I’m feeling now.

I wish it would all go away. I need someone to tell me that it’s alright, go ahead with it, everything’s gonna be alright, but my mom’s just here telling me to stop whining cos she’ll be worried. And so I did and now she’s not worried but I think she should be because I’ll be bottling everything inside of me, all my worries, fears and doubts. They have no place to go and I’ll have to cope them by myself cos no one will help me kick their asses out of my head.

I need answers. Lots of them.

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July 6, 2011 at 10:15 PM

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‘horns’ at the back of my head.

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Tying messy baby hair on a hot and sunny day?

Chicken feet! Try saying “don’t move or you won’t be pretty.” and “look in front and feed your hungry kungfu panda.”

So glad I could enjoy my short 2 week term break at ahma’s! Jovianne’s getting cheekier and cheekier each day,never failing to crack me up with weird but cute antics of her. And my aunt said she had that cheeky garfield smirk and the posture of liang po po when she grooves to hi5??

Well this also means I’m trying to put the upcoming assignments and lesson plans out of my head. Gotta make up my mind on which to focus on when and when to focus on which so that I won’t spend my play time worrying about school stuff and wasting time distracted to play when it’s time to do school work.

Those who couldn’t understand put your hands up.

Or maybe I should just prop my legs up and enjoy my much awaited break instead? HMMS.

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June 15, 2011 at 11:50 PM

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