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Let the pictures talk

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I’m starting to write a journal. Yep. But you know what handwritten journals can’t do? They can’t give you the visual aspects to my life (unless I print the pictures all out!). So here it is. The past few months of my life.

Hello, balance sheet, we meet again.

the Monday-thought-was-Tuesday gelare ice-cream waffle

a nice book with a sucky ending.

Tidied up my desk! But it’s all messy now. heh!

first time hushing the toddlers to nap. there’s something very peaceful about it all.

cute sleeping baby’s cute sleeping feet. cuuuuuuuuuute!

10,000 rice dumplings for charity!

behind the scenes of it all.

A morning walk with the divaaaaaaaaa!

And then I spotted a rainbow on my doorstep(:

Ice-cream burger thing from Bakerzin on Shuhui’s birthday! ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

And baskin robbins with Fiza and Yana on the last day of our elearning break! i meant week! ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

Mom’s new recipe: mini tofu patties! ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

And the fire drill. where I got to try on the most awesome baby carrier ever! lots of baby cuddling and swaying and being in the centre of attraction during evacuation for this event!


And of course how could we forget a cake for Xinying’s birthday! Bakerzin’s warm chocolate cake. reminded me of DA OOZE from TCC! ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

And to sum the evening off. Best one I’ve had in a while!

Went to the National Skin Centre with aunt, and got the Starbucks breakfast! NYUM NYUM NYUMNOMNOM ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

and then we got some veggie sushi rolls;D ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

And now here I am, hoping for more gatherings with old friends, more time with my babies, more ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***, more travelling around Singapore and hopefully OUT of Singapore… and less assignments.

4 more to go, to be completed within slightly less than a week’s time. Can I do it? HOPEFULLY! Then it’s HELLOOOOOOO to the holidays!

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August 2, 2012 at 2:30 AM

Remember today.

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I can’t begin to say how much I wanted to remember today for the rest of my life. I need to. Because today is the day I step into a brand new stage in the world of early childhood educators.

Okay, people. Today, I had a child MERLION on me.






Although the first thing I had to say was ‘oh shit’, BUT the thought that subconsciously popped to my head was ‘Welcome to the world world of teachers’ ECH teachers, to be more exact. Haha.

The smell on puke has been and still lingering within my surroundings for a while now, but I think it’s just me. But well, what learning experience is called a learning experience without a little drama and funky gross incidents? LOLS! Welcome to reality, self. Taking care of young children doesn’t mean it’s always gonna be full of sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and nyan cats (although most of the time it is 🙂 ). WHAT NYAN CATS??! Okay, maybe barney and sesame street and blues clues. But you get my point.

So I endured the smell and all those yucky stuff that should not be legal to be posted and cleaned up for her. Bathed her while she’s still crying away (hais.), washed her stained clothes AND BOLSTER… I remembered it took forever.

Only then I took care of myself. PHEW.

Well, on a good note, it’s a new and somehow great feeling to put others’ needs before yours; something that I don’t really do often. Or get to do often. Honestly, looking back, I’m pretty amazed that I could actually keep it cool and present a straight face (well not entirely) throughout the whole she-bang. And this, I reminded myself, is something I need to get used to if I were to stay in this field. A disclaimer: I don’t exactly get reminded of this incident with vengence and all, it’s just the gross part of it happening and the cleaning up part that grosses me out, that’s all. A little washing and cleaning and crazy spamming of febreeze and dettol can clear the vomit stains and smell away, no sweat. And to think that I actually survived, I’M REALLY AMAZED! I think I’m off to a great start in this field. hahaha!

I can’t start to tell you how blessed I feel with an awesome group of colleagues and teachers and bosses. Lady boss called up her sister who usually comes around in the late morning to get a clean shirt for me but she was already out by then so she called her husband, who was also one of the founding directors of the preschool to come by with a clean shirt for me so that I can wash and dry my puke-stained shirt ASAP. I thank them with my whole heart and soul. Thinking back, we were also still joking with the staff about how my shirt was limited edition and all.

So, I must remember today. The grossness, the smell and most importantly how and why this incident is a crucial stepping stone for me towards the road of becoming a full-fledged teacher, and it’s also to remind myself that hey, I’ve actually handled this situation pretty well! (in my books, yes, I think for a first-timer puking target like me, I did.)

And you know what, I realised how important it is to be smiling and keeping the positivity around amidst of all the chaos and pow-wow. I remembered telling myself to deal with the mess and be done with it ASAP, and don’t let it affect my mood or the way I shall treat/behave/see children in the future. Seriously, it helps! These reminders help me get over the things and also make the cleaning up process more joyful and happy and memorable. It sounds really wierd right? I KNOW! But yeah, among all the eeky yucky vomit stains and smell, what I remembered more clearly was how aunty and I joked about how this shirt and the ‘design’ is the only kind in the world, and how silly teacher gekteng looked when she did a short ‘fashion show’ in front of the kids waiting in the toilet during shower time. (one child even said she liked my shirt! HAHAHAHAHHAHAA!)

So choose happiness! Even if things don’t go as well as planned, you can still make it a better experience and memory with a positive attitude and a SMILE!

So, remember today, REMEMBER TODAAAAY.


“you’re funny.”

“who? who’s funny?”

“you, teacher, you’re funny.”

And sometimes, small and simple moments like these matter the most, and they can fill your heart like a pot full of honey for Winner the Pooh.




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April 5, 2012 at 10:31 PM

my mood is swinging is swinging

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I feel compelled to blog today, especially after such a sad crappy post from yesterday.

So today has been a rather nice day, except I’m a little ill AGAIN.

Damn, being ill SUCKS. Okay let’s not be negative today.

So we went to the temple to visit my deceased grandpa like we do every year. It’s like a small family gathering where my paternal relatives gather and catch up. I didn’t really take part in the conversations, but I really enjoyed listening to their stories from work and all that. I guess some (or most!) of my dramatic genes comes from my father and his sisters. Hehehehe it’s just so interesting and funny to watch and listen to them talk.

I found out Pinterest finally did some changes to their terms, so I went back to repinning and boy, oh boy I looooove that site. Found so much teaching tips and ideas I almost wept. I found a new author that I really love too! Marianne Richmond is her name, and I adore her illustrations. Love the topics that she touches on in her children’s books – of love, self-respect and all those things that make my heart flutter as I imagine myself sharing them to children. My future children, and those that I’m going to teach. I’m so inspired all of a sudden, you know? There’s so many possibilities and I’m actually excited to graduate and be a full-fledged teacher. 

Gosh I miss the kiddos in Genius Hive. Especially the infants, since I spent some time there helping out. I didn’t really help out in the child care section, but I really look forward to knowing each and every child there! I can’t wait to finish my main workload and help out in the classrooms. See, I’m getting more and more attached to this place.Is this what I want? I don’t know, since it’s only a temporary job. Is this something that make me happy? HELL YEAH. All the time.

I wonder if it’s a good thing to get so easily attached to something/ some place/ someone?

HMMS, only time will tell I guess.Let’s revisit this topic again soon.

Alrighto burrito, so these are some things that are going through my mind now. I need to sleep already, the flu meds are kicking in quickly and I’m losing consciousness as I type. Hahaha!

Great blogging session, GekTeng! Yay! I shall blog more often. Yes. I really should. But what if the things I blog are more or less the same? Ok whatever. I shall blog whatever.

good ni..zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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March 25, 2012 at 9:01 PM

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Another long and complicated story I don’t want to speak or remember in detail of.

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It’s been a long time I’ve felt this way. I can’t even start to explain why. There’s this irritant in my system which makes me feel angry and upset at everything and anything tonight. So it’s not a good evening at all.

Even though I’m baking brownies. Even though I SHOULD be excited about it. Even though. Even… hais.

“Why bake when no one in the house is gonna eat it?”

Lots going through my mind now.

The first one went along the lines of reminding myself to give appreciation and positive vibes, not negative ones.

The other one that pops up in my mind every once in a while… to give undivided attention to my future children. IMPORTANT. For example, you don’t go saying “oh how can I miss washing this dirty bowl!” and walk off when your child is showing you something that is clearly important to her, since she’s smiling so much showing it to you. Do you even notice that?

The brownies are done, the smell is kind of overpowering for my moody self. Let’s feel better soon.

“Why purchase that electric mixer when you don’t want us to bake?!”

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March 24, 2012 at 9:47 PM

Work days, rest days.

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Well hello, it’s a happy day today, just like it is every other day. I’ve started work right after the exams and I’m really having a good time there! Hafiza’s friend had been working there since her A levels and we joined in the fun to help them with some organising and worksheet-making stuff.

I admit being more than a little skeptical about the worksheets when i heard of the job requirements, but this was a good deal; the principal seemed nice during our first meeting (we didn’t even have a formal itnerview or whatever, she just assumed we’re taking the job she’s offering hahaa!) and the staff and teachers there are so hospitable and friendly. Most of the teachers graduated from NP ECH and I could really learn alot from them to witness how in-service teachers are still able to apply what they have learnt; their practices are all but too familiar from topics covered in school. And after 2 weeks of working there, I found myself growing attached to the teachers, staff, the babies and my cute principal. It’s such a great environment for me to work in, and she’s even offering us the chance to come back not only during our school holidays, but also after graduation! That’s something to be excited about I guess?

Today’s Monday, which is also a rest day for me. It’s the teacher’s training day which is also off day. Hahaha! So I spent it in ahma’s house. I hadn’t been there for a little more than a week or so because of the centre’s HFMD outbreak soooo yeah. And now that I actually have a job, I wondered how I actually survived by rotting and spending my  past holidays here at ahma’s doing nothing. Not that it isn’t good, but after experiencing how wonderful and meaningful my holidays have become through working in Genius Hive, I couldn’t imagine anything less. And I really love the feeling of being productive.

My driving test is on the last Friday of my holidays, which means if I were to still work, I would miss my last day at Genius Hive. Which SUCKS. I wonder if we will be able to complete our tasks on time before we leave? But i don’t think I mind coming back every Saturday to complete the unfinished work when school resumes though! We’ll see.

I’m becoming less and less confident about the driving and all. I wonder if I will remember ANYTHING after more than a month without practice. I think my coach for my first revision will have a hard time with me. But that’s another thing to worry about. In the future.

Oh! I’m gonna attend Kina Grannis’ concert in Singapore on the 19th of March! I can’t wait! Kevin just went for Wong Fu’s workshop or something and claimed he spent hundreds purchasing their merch. I think I’m gonna buy some of Kina’s merch too! probably a shirt or something?

Alot has happened in the awesome world of Youtube too. Charles Trippy of CTFxC actually got diagnosed with a brain tumour recently and all. Life is unpredictable, but he’s such an inspiration by being positive and jovial about this, and thank god the tumour is not cancerous and all. Shaytards had their 3 years anniversary of vlogging TODAY! There’s this super cute limited edition shirt coming up for this occasion and I’m so tempted to buy it OH MAN!

Is this like, the first time since I talked about Youtube celebrities? I think it is. hahaha! I remember the first youtube original vlog I watched was a CTFxC one, then I got caught in a maelstrom of shaytards, gradlife, ladiedottie and all these vloggers and all. Great way to end the day by watching vids! I can’t believe I’ve been watching for a year now! Wowzers.

Okay that’s all. Bye./

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March 5, 2012 at 3:53 PM

Almost 20.

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Yep, today is my 19th birthday OH YEAAAAAAAAAAH!

Well actually we don’t really celebrate birthdays. As in, we give ang paos, sometimes presents, but birthday celebrations aren’t really a hoo haa in my family (like any other events…)

For me too, it’s just like any other day,I guess. When I was young, I was very pentang. Something bad will happen on my birthday, especially when I have birthday celebrations. One year I got caught in between the MRT entrance thingy where the barriers open and closed when you tap your card. And it closed on me. YEEEEAH. Another year my fingers got stuck in between the door of the elevator and I couldn’t pull it out. I remembered trying hard to pull it out but I couldn’t, but I forgot how I got them out. And this can also explain my paranoid-ness regarding lifts and pressing the button before entering and leaving. But I remembered clearly that I hurt my knees when I was 10 while playing captain’s ball during P.E. I remember it was a Thursday.

Mom asked sister to buy a cake home when I came home early today. Was kinda supposed to be celebrating with my ladies tonight but they were kinda busy so we decided to meet next Friday instead. Also, one kid in my attachment centre shared the same birthday as me! Well not the same year of course, their parents bought cake and treated the class and teachers. Me and Hafiza was there on time to grab a piece each too, and it tasted SOOOOOOO GOOD! nyumnyumynum!

Love my friends back in Poly too. They make me smile and smile and smile so much today. The 2 musketeers really surprised me with the whole open-the-book-and-a-card-falls-out-surprise. It was totally not expected and so funny as usual! Yu Zhen was sitting in front of me during tutorial and slowly turned to me and whispered happy birthday, and Sihui came right up to my ear to whisper the same thing as well. Small, simple surprises all day long. LOOOOVE IT! HAHAHA!

Much thanks to my dear BONGER aka Hafiza, she told the 2 other musketeers to send a text to me on the 19th hour on my 19th birthday. And I just went on separate ways with her to go home right after she sent that long ass text to me. SURPRISESURPRISE~~~

Soooooooo my birthday was a peaceful, simple and surprise-filled blast. I feel so blessed. I AM blessed. Thank you everyone for being a part in my life, now I’m gonna go cut the cake my sister bought! (It’s like the first time I remember cutting a birthday cake with my family other than a distant memory I had on my 7th birthday!)

Aal iz well.

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January 13, 2012 at 10:11 PM

Perth: King’s Park!

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State War Memorial

In our 6 short days in Perth, we went to King’s Park twice. The first time was with the tour guide, who only gave us 1 hour to explore the place. Oh, come on, just 1 hour to walk around a park that is larger than Central Park in New York? To be honest the whole walk around the trails and scenery watching thing thing was HECTIC. And it’s not supposed to be! That made me so fed up. The skies were so clear and the warm sun beating on my face accompanied by gentle winds blew and I thought to myself, I can actually stay here the whole freaking day taking my own sweet time to walk around and ENJOY the place instead of consistently checking my watch to make sure we’ll go back to the meeting place on time.

The mere thought of not being able to do things at my own pace just drives me crazy.

And so my aunts decided to make it up to me by going to that place again on Day 5, which is our free day. No guides, no itinerary, nothing. So, yeah, although a part of me thinks we could be going somewhere else instead of visiting the park AGAIN, the weather’s kind of nice and the ducks took their ducklings out to play, so the ungrateful bastard side of me decided to go away and just enjoy the peace and serenity. It was lovely, laying on the grass and seeing ducklings walk pass you occasionally.

I love King’s Park. I love how the birds and the bees and the ducks can roam around the place freely and safely and be around people, who doesn’t seem to be dishevelled or disturbed by the sight of them at all. This environment is shared and every single living or non-living thing belongs here. I love how the spacious fields are so clean and green, and you can just lie down on the soft grass and not worry if you’ll land on something gross and nasty. Surprisingly, given this environment, I don’t even see any cleaners around to for this place to be the way it is. I guess people just have the responsibility in themselves to clean up before they go, because they like how it is and want to maintain the cleanliness. Because it’s their park. Because it’s everyone’s park.

Dear King’s Park, I’ll see you again soon! Wait for me!

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October 7, 2011 at 5:23 PM

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