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A little more adult (I think)

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Hahaha! I can’t help laughing quietly at myself as I type the title of this post. It’s either I’m too anti-social and daft or hell yeah I may be right!

Oh well, not that anything is different or what. The awesome thing that makes me feel more ADULT are the performances I get to watch with friends! As in live performances. Asin go and support. And have fun. And laugh. And take lots of pictures. I’ve never done that with the BITCHES. And I’m not hinting anything negative, it’s just, different crowds draws different activities and fun. A different kind of fun. And it’s really kind of exciting and interesting and FUN FUN FUN.

Or that I’m just daft.

@ SCH for Sheena’s debut performance with the NUS winds symphony!

the ‘n-th’ group shot we had that night! hahahaa!

the official unofficial Friends of Genius Hive group shot!

alright I have to admit I look like a ghost in the picture. just a little;D

beautiful memories that are not pictured:
– me crazy after the performance. it’s like drunk without alcohol. YEP.
– whatsapp spamming of the babies’ photos between ‘friends of GHPS’ on school nights
– playing with the mirror with Pippa dearest on Friday
– Snuggly Leann singing the number song and then getting shy and running away.
– cutiepie Jeanne sitting on my lap and grasping my hand with her tiny cute ones and studying them. SUUUUUPER PRECIOUS.
– playing those shape connector toys with the N1s and learning about shapes. I showed them how 2 triangles make a square, and Javier actually made a circle with the triangles! DAEEEEEBAK!
– the short but awesome time I spent with half the K1s with the beads! We ended up stacking and balancing the beads and seeing who can make tallest and taking pictures before they collapse. So glad and proud the boys were behaving well and having an awesome time “eating” the beads with their hands. HAHAHAHA!
– changing Jeanne and unexpectedly tickling her underarms which made her giggle and giggle and giggle.
– sending quirky Natnat out skipping and singing to HSM’s “Start of something new” HEHEHEHEHE!
– Ssuper awesome first day at GHPS as a fellow attachment student

okay I’m officially missing the kids sooooo much and can’t wait for tomorrow’s concert costumes shopping and teachers performance rehearsal with my awesome colleagues!

good ol’ happy TINGZ gonna sleep with a wide smile on her face tonight



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October 25, 2012 at 11:51 PM

Let the pictures talk

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I’m starting to write a journal. Yep. But you know what handwritten journals can’t do? They can’t give you the visual aspects to my life (unless I print the pictures all out!). So here it is. The past few months of my life.

Hello, balance sheet, we meet again.

the Monday-thought-was-Tuesday gelare ice-cream waffle

a nice book with a sucky ending.

Tidied up my desk! But it’s all messy now. heh!

first time hushing the toddlers to nap. there’s something very peaceful about it all.

cute sleeping baby’s cute sleeping feet. cuuuuuuuuuute!

10,000 rice dumplings for charity!

behind the scenes of it all.

A morning walk with the divaaaaaaaaa!

And then I spotted a rainbow on my doorstep(:

Ice-cream burger thing from Bakerzin on Shuhui’s birthday! ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

And baskin robbins with Fiza and Yana on the last day of our elearning break! i meant week! ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

Mom’s new recipe: mini tofu patties! ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

And the fire drill. where I got to try on the most awesome baby carrier ever! lots of baby cuddling and swaying and being in the centre of attraction during evacuation for this event!


And of course how could we forget a cake for Xinying’s birthday! Bakerzin’s warm chocolate cake. reminded me of DA OOZE from TCC! ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

And to sum the evening off. Best one I’ve had in a while!

Went to the National Skin Centre with aunt, and got the Starbucks breakfast! NYUM NYUM NYUMNOMNOM ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

and then we got some veggie sushi rolls;D ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***

And now here I am, hoping for more gatherings with old friends, more time with my babies, more ***FOODPORNFOODPORNFOODPORN***, more travelling around Singapore and hopefully OUT of Singapore… and less assignments.

4 more to go, to be completed within slightly less than a week’s time. Can I do it? HOPEFULLY! Then it’s HELLOOOOOOO to the holidays!

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August 2, 2012 at 2:30 AM

happy happenings

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“You can’t always be happy. But if you are always striving to choose happiness – everyday you wake up and say to yourself, “I’m going to choose to not let the outside influences in the world affect my mood…” – I promise you will live a happier life.”

-Shay Carl

Yay, this week has been great. Happy days all round, and lots of activities and tired mornings as a result. hehehee!

Started the week off a little sick, but I’m so glad to meet my super ladies Shuhui, Jerica, Isabel and Xinying for lunch AND dinner all in one day. In the past it’s always Shuhui and me who are ALWAYS available for meetups during the holidays, and now they are making way to Raffles Place to have lunch with me. Felt kind of sad that I couldn’t join them for their shopping trip at Far East after that and eat chee cheong fan, but we met up again at Orchard to get dinner. Hahaha, it would have been a PERFECT pre-overnight meet up, Jerica was so silly and sheepish about the whole alight-at-AMK-to-go-toilet thing it was like a live comedy happening right in front of our eyes. Then we spent almost 20 minutes waiting for her while I shared the funny happenings that happened in school these days. Everyone was cracking up after Jerica was back. Serious-and-mature Shuhui mama couldn’t even stop laughing after we continued our journey home on the train. HILARIOUS. hahaha!

We’re planning for bel’s birthday which will be celebrated sometime next week. Hopefully we can get the bag she wants, which I have no idea how it looked like. Hmms. We’ll see.

Oh and the driving. My god. Blame it on the procrastinator in me, I didn’t get the practical slots I wanted! Ended up booking the night PEAK periods which costs around $8 more. SHUCKS. Hopefully I’ll be able to pass my driving test.

Moving on! I wore the same shade of jeans as my cute little one @ Genius Hive! Cute max!


I also had quite alot of fun with the infants as well! I’m always enjoying my time there hahaha. Each and every session I helped out, I get to know and interact more with them, vice versa. Will miss my babies soooo much when I leave for school!

Yesterday I went to watch Bibap at esplanade too! Aunt had an extra ticket and invited me along with my cousins. Better than I expected! Love the beat-boxing and the musical dynamics, character presentations and dramatic effects. They even invited the audiences to participate in the show and all that. AWESOME SHOW! Made me so relaxed and all. No pictures though ahahhaa! I forgot to get my camera out and the esplanade people are super strict about filming within the theatre so… better not la hahaaa! But it’s good! I missed Breakout and JUMP! when they were here in Singapore, but I swear I won’t miss them when they come again!

And wow, the thought and revisiting of esplanade made me relive my the Acapella Championships memories all over again. I was just 14 then, but I can forever remember the feeling of clinching the champion for the competition. Sec 2 was a good year. Awesome year in my world of singing choirs and acapella. Those were the days AHHHHHHHH.

I FINALLY went for a haircut just now! Recently I keep having hair falling all over the place everywhere I go. Ask Hafiza my bonger, she’ll know. hahahaa! Should be because of the weight of my long hair that resulted in that. Hopefully there won’t be anymore drastic hairfalls in the office PLEASE! OH YEAH, I GOT BANGS TOO! SIDE BANGS! hahaa! yayme ! lols!

April Fools Day tomorrow! Don’t think anyone’s gonna play pranks though. hahaha We’ll see….

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March 31, 2012 at 9:47 PM

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What I’ve been doing

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Hello, blog! It’s been such a long time, I know. I’ve been soooo busy since school started and blogging isn’t really one of my priorities then. But I’m back! So much has happened in these months I reckon I need to start blogging before forgetting.

Well before I transport myself back to the past, HAPPY 2012! I’m not actually proud of myself for not achieving my resolution for donating blood in 2011. I NEED MORE COURAGE. And less selfish. HMPH. More about resolutions later.

I’ve been thinking of doing a catch-up blog post; of interesting things I have been doing and everything worth mentioning that this blog had missed out on. Being away for so long and coming back now, I suddenly feel I’m at this phase where this blog appearance no longer suits.


Haha, time flies, it’s been one year since I’ve moved from Blogger and made here the home of my thoughts, feelings, rantings and what-nots.

Okay back to catching up. There are endless things I want to/can talk about the trip to Perth. No amount of pictures and words can express how much fun I had there and how I missed going back to that place again. I left a part of me there, Perth, and I’m gonna come back again.

My laptop and external hard disk was infected with a virus and it’s been a hell of a few weeks. Only yesterday I had decided to sort out pictures that are carelessly strewn all over the place within my hard disk in my fervor attempt to save every bits and pieces of memories over the last few years. It’s an awesome feeling to look at videos and pictures that are years before and reminisce – something that I can’t afford to do/didn’t think about doing during my free time. So here I am again.

School started in mid-october, being one of the major reasons for my hiatus here. It’s been tough – school, I mean. But I’m glad I survived half of this semester already. 6 more weeks of lectures, tutorials, assignments and group projects and I’ll sit for my 2 paper and free I will be. I wonder what I’ll be doing for the 2 months of vacations.

Positive things about school, well I reunited with my homies Mawar and Yana, and I’ve also grown more and more attached to the attachment centre and the children. Sadly, no pictures are allowed to be posted. AWWWWWWWW too bad!

9 OCT 2011
We went to the Asian Civilisation Musuem to look at the exhibition on the Terracota Warriors. Did I ever mention just how much I enjoy museums?!

Skip to the month of November, we had the ECH Celebration Fiesta! It’s been such a long time since I’ve immersed myself in school activities and such! We had a game booth that day too and Ms Mona bought wacky wigs for us too!

Oh and we went to Singapore Discovery Centre as part of our assignment thing thing which I forgot. But I did remember the silly dance moves and crazy things we did there!

And then in my religious community we organised a chalet. The night before the teens gathered with some seniors and had steamboat for dinner, played poker and plasticine and stacked apples. Next late morning, we biked a whole 32km from changi all the way to East Coast Park and back. SHIIIIOK! Fun times all around!

Then it’s the New Year’s Eve karaoke cum sleepover with my lovely ladies! Not forgetting the sparkling juice, early-morning mahjong session and before-sleep facial masks session we had!

k bye!

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January 14, 2012 at 1:29 AM

Almost 20.

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Yep, today is my 19th birthday OH YEAAAAAAAAAAH!

Well actually we don’t really celebrate birthdays. As in, we give ang paos, sometimes presents, but birthday celebrations aren’t really a hoo haa in my family (like any other events…)

For me too, it’s just like any other day,I guess. When I was young, I was very pentang. Something bad will happen on my birthday, especially when I have birthday celebrations. One year I got caught in between the MRT entrance thingy where the barriers open and closed when you tap your card. And it closed on me. YEEEEAH. Another year my fingers got stuck in between the door of the elevator and I couldn’t pull it out. I remembered trying hard to pull it out but I couldn’t, but I forgot how I got them out. And this can also explain my paranoid-ness regarding lifts and pressing the button before entering and leaving. But I remembered clearly that I hurt my knees when I was 10 while playing captain’s ball during P.E. I remember it was a Thursday.

Mom asked sister to buy a cake home when I came home early today. Was kinda supposed to be celebrating with my ladies tonight but they were kinda busy so we decided to meet next Friday instead. Also, one kid in my attachment centre shared the same birthday as me! Well not the same year of course, their parents bought cake and treated the class and teachers. Me and Hafiza was there on time to grab a piece each too, and it tasted SOOOOOOO GOOD! nyumnyumynum!

Love my friends back in Poly too. They make me smile and smile and smile so much today. The 2 musketeers really surprised me with the whole open-the-book-and-a-card-falls-out-surprise. It was totally not expected and so funny as usual! Yu Zhen was sitting in front of me during tutorial and slowly turned to me and whispered happy birthday, and Sihui came right up to my ear to whisper the same thing as well. Small, simple surprises all day long. LOOOOVE IT! HAHAHA!

Much thanks to my dear BONGER aka Hafiza, she told the 2 other musketeers to send a text to me on the 19th hour on my 19th birthday. And I just went on separate ways with her to go home right after she sent that long ass text to me. SURPRISESURPRISE~~~

Soooooooo my birthday was a peaceful, simple and surprise-filled blast. I feel so blessed. I AM blessed. Thank you everyone for being a part in my life, now I’m gonna go cut the cake my sister bought! (It’s like the first time I remember cutting a birthday cake with my family other than a distant memory I had on my 7th birthday!)

Aal iz well.

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January 13, 2012 at 10:11 PM


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Well good news, folks! I can finally stop worrying and go on with my plans for my lessons and supervision! Much thanks to my mentor for giving me the much awaited green light to carry on, if not I would have to replan and brainstorm EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN!

I’m happy, people, so happy. After people and of course myself giving me doubts and all that, I can finally say my gut is the real deal. Luckily I was stubborn enough to follow it. LOLS, I think I sound too confident now! Cannot cannot! But hopefully everything will go well from now on.

Thursday the BITCHES celebrated Shuhui’s 18th birthday with a blast! I really think we could do this for each other every year man! No matter how busy we are, where we are, I hope we’ll still be able to come together at least 5 times a year(or maybe 10 times including the brainstorm and card-making session) to celebrate each of our birthdays TOGETHER!

I think I will be doing a video… because of one hilarious footage I’ve taken, but it will take a while! Meanwhile here’s the pictures!

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July 9, 2011 at 12:41 PM

new love

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Sorry, Nikon I know I cheated your feelings when I decided to spend hundreds of dollars on this brand new Canon Ixus 220 HS .

Tough decision to make on the purchase, to be honest. I thought about the cost, my savings, pros and cons and whatsoever, til one fine day I decide it’s gonna be worth it to have a handy-dandy pocket sized camera with me all the time, I bought it with no qualms or other thoughts.

Then that night I struggled if I had made the right decision. Luckily Mom seemed pretty calm after I came clear with her, but other than my aunt who accompanied me and Hafiza, I told no one else about it. 18 years of living in good ol’ Earth and I’m so proud to tell you this is the first time I’ve ever bought something WITHOUT Mom’s acknowledgement or consent first. That clearly explains moments of regrets and chiding I did to myself the night after I bought it.

But all’s well and I finally got to spend some time with my new love yesterday when school ended at 1. Oh my, the more I played with it, the deeper I fall in love with it. Is this normal? Hehehehe!

So I’m just gonna share some things that I like and don’t like about the new camera!!! It’s like confessing your love BUT.

What I like about my new Canon (oh yeah!):

  • The size! Almost as thick as my iPhone, and a little bigger than the size of my ID. Absolutely LOVE the fact that I can bring this little guy ANTWHERE and EVERYWHERE!
  • The super fast shutter speed in lighted areas! That’s one of Mawar’s favourite and shocking findings just now too!
  • Full 1080p HD video recording WITH ZOOM! This is one of the many reasons why I wanted this camera, it fills the hole in my heart, since my D5000 wasn’t able to take FULL HD videos.
  • BLACK. haven’t you heard black is the new gold? Cool colour for a cool camera!
  • The matt surface, available only in black. Although it feels a little too rough, at least scratches and fingerprints and gross oily surfaces won’t be visible EVER AGAIN!
  • Super slow-mo videos that can do WONDERS in 240fps(or something like that)!
  • Individual ‘record’ button for fast recording! Just one touch of the button and you’re off recording videos in 1080p.
  • NEWEST THING IN TOWN! A 4-second video before taking a picture! Cool or what!?

BUT on the other hand…

  • This little guy should do better in focusing. It takes quite a while for the camera to focus, especially when it’s recording.
  • The placement of the flash! Sometimes the flash gets blocked out my the lens and what happens are those dark corners surfacing in pictures.:(
  • Quite literally, NOTHING ELSE.

Well, here’s my impromptu and roughly thought out review of the new Ixus 220 HS. Which, thanks to Google, is also known as the Canon Powershot Elph 300 HS in the States. And maybe other parts of the world as well. Why not call it a Powershot here in Singapore as well? Why Ixus? Weird. They should have the same names INTERNATIONALLY, you know. Cos’ who knows what a Canon Rebel T2i is when it’s called the Canon 550D in their area?! Haven’t you studied the LAw of Standardisation?! Okay, maybe there isn’t one law like this out yet, BUT STILL!!!

Okay, enough of rants and what-nots. Here’s some sample pictures I took yesterday, and Mawar today:

That’s it for now, TOOTLES!!!

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June 1, 2011 at 12:05 PM

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