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Glimpse of the past.

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A week ago I went to walk on the KTM railway tracks that will be dismantled and returned back to Malaysia. It’s kinda a bittersweet thing seeing my grandpa walking along the tracks and looking at little little things around, deep in thought. Well and of course I did take pictures. This should be one of the things that have stayed on and accompanied Singapore as it grew and flourshed and changed. The Padang stadium is gonna be gone soon(or has it already been destroyed?), and now this place that is history rich will also have to make way for further advancements of Singapore.

I wonder who is the one who decides which things to keep, and which to ‘sacrifice’. How do they make decisions like these? What are the things they consider before making a final decision? I would really like to know about it, to be honest. I just feel they are taking away and destroying parts of Singapore’s history. It’s kind of sad, thinking that the next generation would not be able to see these historical monuments(?) and places of Singapore just because it is too small and if they don’t make way there will be no land for more skyscapers and development.

But I really do hope they keep at least a small portion of the tracks… just like the Berlin Wall in Germany? They actually did keep a part of it right? If it carries so much meaning to the folks and the developing country, wouldn’t it be an awesome sight to still see something significant from the past as the country grow?

Oh my, I think I should just carry on with the pictures. I don’t think I know what I’m saying either. Sometimes I feel I suck at expressing my feelings. Ugh.

And here’s to national day related things trending on twitter WORLDWIDE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT! (even if you really removed ALL the tracks.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

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It’s kinda a pretty tiny little thing.

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May 25, 2011 at 10:09 PM

Close Ups: Kawai

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Okay, I guess I didn’t post about the tragic day when I bought a wide angle and macro lens filter. I called the day tragic because I regretted my purchase almost immediately. Well I thought it will be a nice tool to help me try shooting macro, but patience is one thing I lack and am still working on. But what can I do then. To make sure I don’t waste the money I eventually researched about macro photography and decided to set up my good ol’ tripod and Nikon to give it a try. Not forgetting the macro filter though!

Setting my camera to Manual and hiking my aperture value to f/11-ish, and not to forget the crucial element that is producing these shots below and that helps me train my patience/waiting time is the shutter speed of 3s-ish. Boy, oh boy, it’s not just one click and you get it, but it’s after various angles, shifts, zooms, focusing and refocusing and re-re-re focusing before you get that perfect shot. I literally lie back in bed(which is just in front of my piano actually.) during these precious moments when my camera worked its magic.

And poof! Here it is, my wonderful companion and music friend, ‘teacher’, buddy, whatever you call it. Let’s see if you can see how dusty my piano is after abandoning it for a few months weeks.

I actually wanted to shoot more, although the experience left me sweating and all that I kind of decided that Macro photography is fun! With a tripod though. I tried once without ANY tips or anything related to macro and I got shitty shots. I guess you can tell that’s when I started to regret the purchase. But oh well, this opportunity of trying new things eventually made me learn something!

Gonna try this again tomorrow or the next day. Macro shots just makes every little thing look so amazingly… not themselves. Haha!

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March 14, 2011 at 12:54 AM

It’s Over!

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Yes, I finally completed my one and only paper for this semester! It’s end of Poly Year 1 and HELLOOO TO VACATIONS!

Here’s a souvenir for today… and for my hardwork for the past 4 days.


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February 25, 2011 at 11:07 PM

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Doing my best!

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A quickie before I get back to my highlighter!

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February 23, 2011 at 9:26 PM

Long road ahead…

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Hello, it’s Monday and start of revision week. Don’t think I will be taking pictures everyday but I’m still trying to post everyday in the midst of mugging and tearing my hair off! I’m having my first and last paper of this semester this Friday WOOHOO! But the unknown still scares me a little. Well, I just have to work hard and put in my best and let everything fall into place!

But it’s still a long road ahead, long long road ahead…


But I’ll be fine…


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February 21, 2011 at 10:23 PM


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I figured for my new baby ukulele, one picture just isn’t enough. Haven’t you heard of the more the better?

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February 20, 2011 at 10:10 PM

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