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I’m on my way.

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The train ride from woodlands to raffles place is something I’ve got to get used to. Cos I’m gonna be taking this journey to and fro many times in the future.

The future. My future. Near future at least. The future that I can still grasp and see in my head. Well sometimes.

I finally accepted the job offer from GHPS. It’s like a rude awakening. That, hey! You’ve gotta make some choices that’s gonna affect your life forever and you’re gonna be responsible about it! Kind of wake up call. Well the nice kind that makes me wanna go forward with my life;)

It’s nice to make grown up decisions for yourself once in a while. This question and decision kind of took a long time for it to settle in my head. Heh. But then again, it’s not about whether I’m going to return to become a full-fledged teacher under GHPS, but more about whether I could bear NOT returning and NOT seeing my dearest colleagues and babies after graduation. The answer is simple. And so I went for it.

It’s 2 days since school started and an unofficial ‘off’ day on the 3rd. I’m on my way to GHPS again Hehehhe! This time gonna meet the others and off we go to watch Sheena’s debut in NUS winds.

Can’t wait to see my awesome principal and colleagues again. And the children. Oh the children. I just need some getting used to. From coming everyday 5 days a week to only a meek 2 days a week practicum thing.

A little prayer that I’m gonna stand out stronger and wiser after my last sem in NP, and that time flies by. And hopefully that I survive through all these.

So, GHPS, I’m on my way.
Sheena, I’m on my way.
Graduation trip/s, I’m on my way.
Wait for me!


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October 17, 2012 at 4:21 PM

Peacefully at ease

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I remember there’s this tutorial from the professional development module I had over a year ago, the lecturer wanted us to think about the 3 most important values/things in your life and depict it into 3 simple icons. I drew a peace sign, smiley face and a house I think. And these 3, my lecturer explained, will be the 3 things that can guide us in making decisions and affect how we cope and deal with problems and challenges in the future.

My peace sign; to have peace within you. To feel peaceful and contented and grateful.

A smiley face; positivity all the way! What makes me happy? What can make others happy?

House; to forging and maintain quality relationships with people who are important in your life. What can be done to achieve this?

I think about these 3 a lot more than I expect I would. To my surprise, they just stuck around in my head. How am I feeling today? What can I do to make myself feel better? How do I make this nice feeling that I’m feeling last? What do I want from this situation?

It was a sense of peaceful contentment that kind of overwhelmed me on my way to ahma’s house from work. That amazing fuzzy feeling that makes you think all is well?

I owe it all to these wonderful things that happen this week.

1. Happy reunion with my lovely musketeers!





2. Hilarious moment when Mawar’s fork broke!


3. Sketching Mawar’s side view in class! Sorry to tarnish your image, Mawar… But it sure was fun being an ‘artist’!



4. On Thursday BONGER and I went to the bake store to get baking supplies. I’m gonna make some lemon cheesecake with that soon-to-expire mascarpone cheese, while she’s gonna surprise her other half with some birthday cheesecake. I wonder how it went! She’s like super nervous about it all on Friday.

5. TGIF! We went back to good ‘ol GHPS to work some extra hours on the last weekday. What I didn’t expect was to arrive with 7 packed lunches, 2 soya milk and 2 bottles of coke and a group of hungry teachers awaiting our arrival. It felt great to see that nothing has changed since we left for school (but again, how much can change in just one week?). Walking down Cecil, settling back down in that familiar small but cozy ikea desk outside the principal’s room… It just felt as though we had never left. Lady boss walked right in when we were back working on our computers talking to the principal, acting like it was any other work days. Until fiza exclaimed EH? MRS QUEK! Then she realized our return! Hahaha! Daphne even exclaimed that ‘there’s finally life back here in the office again’.

Oh yeah, my little cutiepie recovered and came back on Friday too! That was seriously one of the nicest surprise I’ve had in a while. Played a little with her before I went back to work, but it was enough to keep me smiling for hours HEHEHE! Saddening news was the quick outbreak and spreading of HFMD among the children. The PGs population reduced to 1, and ‘mini me’ was affected too. BOO:(

One of the nicest thing that I heard that day was, “feel free to come to me for any help you need, I will be here.” seriously, how blessed can I be with such a supporting and kind principal, you tell me!

6. Saturday was pre-cramps day for me, if not I would have went jogging at least one round at the yishun reservoir with Jasmine. But I plan to bike there from woodlands next Saturday though! Hopefully the weather will cooperate ya!

7. Impromptu pizza dinner @ Jasmine’s! I’m on my way there now! YAY!

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April 22, 2012 at 5:52 PM

Crawling moments, tiring days.

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3 days in to school, and boy, it sure is tiring. It’s back to those ‘good’ old days where I am rarely NOT tired or sleepy, EVEN after naps. I don’t know why this happens, right after the first day of school still!

And sometimes I forgot I’m already a Year 3. Hahaha, even though it’s been tough the past 2 semesters, I still have this ‘Year 2’ feeling in me. Denying the fact that things are gonna get tougher and tougher as I progress? I GUESS SO.

Lessons are coming along well, I’m still catching up, thank god. We’re taking modules regarding MANAGING a childcare centre as a principal (not like I ever see myself being one) but yeah, lots of admin details, getting to know the laws and ministries involved, global issues, finance and budgeting YADA YADA. However challenging and overwhelming the module ‘teachers as researchers’ is, I am actually glad to have such good lecturers like Sukuna and Lavina to guide us through. Hopefully I will be able to do the final project in GHPS and which they changed from group to individual component. I’d love to get back there and work with the teachers and children! Really pumped! Haha!

And it’s good seeing my lovely musketeers too! I know we don’t really initiate meetups and gatherings once we’re out of school BUT when we get back together when school reopens, we’re still the same old us hahaha! Same lame jokes and funny epic moments.

Mawar got her scholarship money and as promised, treated us to lunch! We went to J3 which is a new shopping centre at jurong east. It’s funny how I still get the chills just seeing the place alone and recall how I felt during the various piano exams that are held in that place. I think I’ll never be able to get over it. Oh, main point being, the chef cooked some awesome vegetarian dish for me, saying that the dish that I originally ordered contained chicken powder. Thank god for good service hahaha! The roasted broccoli and carrots reminded me of that complimentary dish we had that fateful night we walked into the Italian restaurant in back in Perth!


Today was Sheena’s first day of work without Hafiza and me, and we sent her this drama mama photo of us for her to prop in front of her work desk so that it will appear that we’re still seated and working opposite her. Hahaha!


Okay, that’s all for tonight! Tomorrow Hafiza and I will be taking a trip to the bakery store and maybe get some butter for mother too. Friday is the day I go back to GHPS! Cant wait!

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April 18, 2012 at 10:44 PM

Remember today.

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I can’t begin to say how much I wanted to remember today for the rest of my life. I need to. Because today is the day I step into a brand new stage in the world of early childhood educators.

Okay, people. Today, I had a child MERLION on me.






Although the first thing I had to say was ‘oh shit’, BUT the thought that subconsciously popped to my head was ‘Welcome to the world world of teachers’ ECH teachers, to be more exact. Haha.

The smell on puke has been and still lingering within my surroundings for a while now, but I think it’s just me. But well, what learning experience is called a learning experience without a little drama and funky gross incidents? LOLS! Welcome to reality, self. Taking care of young children doesn’t mean it’s always gonna be full of sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and nyan cats (although most of the time it is 🙂 ). WHAT NYAN CATS??! Okay, maybe barney and sesame street and blues clues. But you get my point.

So I endured the smell and all those yucky stuff that should not be legal to be posted and cleaned up for her. Bathed her while she’s still crying away (hais.), washed her stained clothes AND BOLSTER… I remembered it took forever.

Only then I took care of myself. PHEW.

Well, on a good note, it’s a new and somehow great feeling to put others’ needs before yours; something that I don’t really do often. Or get to do often. Honestly, looking back, I’m pretty amazed that I could actually keep it cool and present a straight face (well not entirely) throughout the whole she-bang. And this, I reminded myself, is something I need to get used to if I were to stay in this field. A disclaimer: I don’t exactly get reminded of this incident with vengence and all, it’s just the gross part of it happening and the cleaning up part that grosses me out, that’s all. A little washing and cleaning and crazy spamming of febreeze and dettol can clear the vomit stains and smell away, no sweat. And to think that I actually survived, I’M REALLY AMAZED! I think I’m off to a great start in this field. hahaha!

I can’t start to tell you how blessed I feel with an awesome group of colleagues and teachers and bosses. Lady boss called up her sister who usually comes around in the late morning to get a clean shirt for me but she was already out by then so she called her husband, who was also one of the founding directors of the preschool to come by with a clean shirt for me so that I can wash and dry my puke-stained shirt ASAP. I thank them with my whole heart and soul. Thinking back, we were also still joking with the staff about how my shirt was limited edition and all.

So, I must remember today. The grossness, the smell and most importantly how and why this incident is a crucial stepping stone for me towards the road of becoming a full-fledged teacher, and it’s also to remind myself that hey, I’ve actually handled this situation pretty well! (in my books, yes, I think for a first-timer puking target like me, I did.)

And you know what, I realised how important it is to be smiling and keeping the positivity around amidst of all the chaos and pow-wow. I remembered telling myself to deal with the mess and be done with it ASAP, and don’t let it affect my mood or the way I shall treat/behave/see children in the future. Seriously, it helps! These reminders help me get over the things and also make the cleaning up process more joyful and happy and memorable. It sounds really wierd right? I KNOW! But yeah, among all the eeky yucky vomit stains and smell, what I remembered more clearly was how aunty and I joked about how this shirt and the ‘design’ is the only kind in the world, and how silly teacher gekteng looked when she did a short ‘fashion show’ in front of the kids waiting in the toilet during shower time. (one child even said she liked my shirt! HAHAHAHAHHAHAA!)

So choose happiness! Even if things don’t go as well as planned, you can still make it a better experience and memory with a positive attitude and a SMILE!

So, remember today, REMEMBER TODAAAAY.


“you’re funny.”

“who? who’s funny?”

“you, teacher, you’re funny.”

And sometimes, small and simple moments like these matter the most, and they can fill your heart like a pot full of honey for Winner the Pooh.




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April 5, 2012 at 10:31 PM

What I’ve been doing

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Hello, blog! It’s been such a long time, I know. I’ve been soooo busy since school started and blogging isn’t really one of my priorities then. But I’m back! So much has happened in these months I reckon I need to start blogging before forgetting.

Well before I transport myself back to the past, HAPPY 2012! I’m not actually proud of myself for not achieving my resolution for donating blood in 2011. I NEED MORE COURAGE. And less selfish. HMPH. More about resolutions later.

I’ve been thinking of doing a catch-up blog post; of interesting things I have been doing and everything worth mentioning that this blog had missed out on. Being away for so long and coming back now, I suddenly feel I’m at this phase where this blog appearance no longer suits.


Haha, time flies, it’s been one year since I’ve moved from Blogger and made here the home of my thoughts, feelings, rantings and what-nots.

Okay back to catching up. There are endless things I want to/can talk about the trip to Perth. No amount of pictures and words can express how much fun I had there and how I missed going back to that place again. I left a part of me there, Perth, and I’m gonna come back again.

My laptop and external hard disk was infected with a virus and it’s been a hell of a few weeks. Only yesterday I had decided to sort out pictures that are carelessly strewn all over the place within my hard disk in my fervor attempt to save every bits and pieces of memories over the last few years. It’s an awesome feeling to look at videos and pictures that are years before and reminisce – something that I can’t afford to do/didn’t think about doing during my free time. So here I am again.

School started in mid-october, being one of the major reasons for my hiatus here. It’s been tough – school, I mean. But I’m glad I survived half of this semester already. 6 more weeks of lectures, tutorials, assignments and group projects and I’ll sit for my 2 paper and free I will be. I wonder what I’ll be doing for the 2 months of vacations.

Positive things about school, well I reunited with my homies Mawar and Yana, and I’ve also grown more and more attached to the attachment centre and the children. Sadly, no pictures are allowed to be posted. AWWWWWWWW too bad!

9 OCT 2011
We went to the Asian Civilisation Musuem to look at the exhibition on the Terracota Warriors. Did I ever mention just how much I enjoy museums?!

Skip to the month of November, we had the ECH Celebration Fiesta! It’s been such a long time since I’ve immersed myself in school activities and such! We had a game booth that day too and Ms Mona bought wacky wigs for us too!

Oh and we went to Singapore Discovery Centre as part of our assignment thing thing which I forgot. But I did remember the silly dance moves and crazy things we did there!

And then in my religious community we organised a chalet. The night before the teens gathered with some seniors and had steamboat for dinner, played poker and plasticine and stacked apples. Next late morning, we biked a whole 32km from changi all the way to East Coast Park and back. SHIIIIOK! Fun times all around!

Then it’s the New Year’s Eve karaoke cum sleepover with my lovely ladies! Not forgetting the sparkling juice, early-morning mahjong session and before-sleep facial masks session we had!

k bye!

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January 14, 2012 at 1:29 AM

Here it goes again…

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Well holidays are over and school has started. It’s time to get a grip on the situation and buck up for the rest of the semester! Second day back, HMMMSS…. What can I say? Actually there’s not much difference, except the frequency of checking my online learning portals and email increasing, not much difference actually.

Meeting new lecturers for the first time is weird and funny. I always don’t know what to expect from them and all that. Yes, that’s my opinions on all things/people new in my life. I feel scared and intimidated by the whole ‘trying to impress/express so that people will not think you’re weird and what-not’ phase and sometimes this does make me not want to participate in fun things. Now I sound like a emo introvert, or someone with low self-esteem-.- Of the 6 lecturers from my 6 brand new modules, there are 3 whom I know. At least I think I do.

Ms Mona getting back in action teaching us math for young children is one of the best thing that happened in this semester! She’s funny and kind, and I really didn’t expect this from her the first time we met last semester. 2 words: LOVE HER! Ms Eliza’s cute too, hahahaa! She talks alot and has her own unique ‘quickie’ sessions for us. So far so good! Mrs Asha’s yet another lecturer from a year ago. To be honest I don’t really miss her lessons, but better than nothing;D Our IT lecturer CRACKS US UP. Ohmygod she’s so funny and informational. LEarnt quite a few little cool things from her today already. I can’t wait to have more sessions and get my hands on more of Adobe fireworks, indesign, flash and dreamweaver once I get the hang of it!

Now I just hope I’m as lucky with academics as I was during the previous academic year, so that I don’t have to slog hard and go home late every week just to earn CCA points and win a spot in Wheelock College. It’s nothing; just a change of ‘scenery’ and direction in poly by being more low profile after my primary and secondary school life.

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April 27, 2011 at 5:51 PM

You got my teeth itching.

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Did you know everyone has a phobia? I watched an episode of Brainiac one day and they were conducting this experience of helping these people overcome their fear by letting them get exposed to whatever they fear. Be it sounds of buttons. Be it sounds of metal clanking together(Shuhui’s extreme phobia!) Be it sounds of nails scratching on paper. Anything. Although I wasn’t involved in this particular experiement, or therapy, I shall call it, I finally get to somehow overcome my phobia. Heh. Thanks to my last visual art tutorial.

I shall now present to you my fruit of labour, and whatever. PRODUCT, shall I say that?

This is attaching tapes on a cloth and SCRAPING paint onto it before you print it on paper. And furthermore, you have to WASH THE CLOTH with sponges so that others can use.

UGHHHH I don’t think I have one less phobia – I can feel myself on the urge of going to fits even as I mention the procedures of making this art.

Can you guess what phobia I have?

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February 19, 2011 at 10:21 PM

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