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A little more adult (I think)

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Hahaha! I can’t help laughing quietly at myself as I type the title of this post. It’s either I’m too anti-social and daft or hell yeah I may be right!

Oh well, not that anything is different or what. The awesome thing that makes me feel more ADULT are the performances I get to watch with friends! As in live performances. Asin go and support. And have fun. And laugh. And take lots of pictures. I’ve never done that with the BITCHES. And I’m not hinting anything negative, it’s just, different crowds draws different activities and fun. A different kind of fun. And it’s really kind of exciting and interesting and FUN FUN FUN.

Or that I’m just daft.

@ SCH for Sheena’s debut performance with the NUS winds symphony!

the ‘n-th’ group shot we had that night! hahahaa!

the official unofficial Friends of Genius Hive group shot!

alright I have to admit I look like a ghost in the picture. just a little;D

beautiful memories that are not pictured:
– me crazy after the performance. it’s like drunk without alcohol. YEP.
– whatsapp spamming of the babies’ photos between ‘friends of GHPS’ on school nights
– playing with the mirror with Pippa dearest on Friday
– Snuggly Leann singing the number song and then getting shy and running away.
– cutiepie Jeanne sitting on my lap and grasping my hand with her tiny cute ones and studying them. SUUUUUPER PRECIOUS.
– playing those shape connector toys with the N1s and learning about shapes. I showed them how 2 triangles make a square, and Javier actually made a circle with the triangles! DAEEEEEBAK!
– the short but awesome time I spent with half the K1s with the beads! We ended up stacking and balancing the beads and seeing who can make tallest and taking pictures before they collapse. So glad and proud the boys were behaving well and having an awesome time “eating” the beads with their hands. HAHAHAHA!
– changing Jeanne and unexpectedly tickling her underarms which made her giggle and giggle and giggle.
– sending quirky Natnat out skipping and singing to HSM’s “Start of something new” HEHEHEHEHE!
– Ssuper awesome first day at GHPS as a fellow attachment student

okay I’m officially missing the kids sooooo much and can’t wait for tomorrow’s concert costumes shopping and teachers performance rehearsal with my awesome colleagues!

good ol’ happy TINGZ gonna sleep with a wide smile on her face tonight


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October 25, 2012 at 11:51 PM

I’m on my way.

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The train ride from woodlands to raffles place is something I’ve got to get used to. Cos I’m gonna be taking this journey to and fro many times in the future.

The future. My future. Near future at least. The future that I can still grasp and see in my head. Well sometimes.

I finally accepted the job offer from GHPS. It’s like a rude awakening. That, hey! You’ve gotta make some choices that’s gonna affect your life forever and you’re gonna be responsible about it! Kind of wake up call. Well the nice kind that makes me wanna go forward with my life;)

It’s nice to make grown up decisions for yourself once in a while. This question and decision kind of took a long time for it to settle in my head. Heh. But then again, it’s not about whether I’m going to return to become a full-fledged teacher under GHPS, but more about whether I could bear NOT returning and NOT seeing my dearest colleagues and babies after graduation. The answer is simple. And so I went for it.

It’s 2 days since school started and an unofficial ‘off’ day on the 3rd. I’m on my way to GHPS again Hehehhe! This time gonna meet the others and off we go to watch Sheena’s debut in NUS winds.

Can’t wait to see my awesome principal and colleagues again. And the children. Oh the children. I just need some getting used to. From coming everyday 5 days a week to only a meek 2 days a week practicum thing.

A little prayer that I’m gonna stand out stronger and wiser after my last sem in NP, and that time flies by. And hopefully that I survive through all these.

So, GHPS, I’m on my way.
Sheena, I’m on my way.
Graduation trip/s, I’m on my way.
Wait for me!

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October 17, 2012 at 4:21 PM

Peacefully at ease

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I remember there’s this tutorial from the professional development module I had over a year ago, the lecturer wanted us to think about the 3 most important values/things in your life and depict it into 3 simple icons. I drew a peace sign, smiley face and a house I think. And these 3, my lecturer explained, will be the 3 things that can guide us in making decisions and affect how we cope and deal with problems and challenges in the future.

My peace sign; to have peace within you. To feel peaceful and contented and grateful.

A smiley face; positivity all the way! What makes me happy? What can make others happy?

House; to forging and maintain quality relationships with people who are important in your life. What can be done to achieve this?

I think about these 3 a lot more than I expect I would. To my surprise, they just stuck around in my head. How am I feeling today? What can I do to make myself feel better? How do I make this nice feeling that I’m feeling last? What do I want from this situation?

It was a sense of peaceful contentment that kind of overwhelmed me on my way to ahma’s house from work. That amazing fuzzy feeling that makes you think all is well?

I owe it all to these wonderful things that happen this week.

1. Happy reunion with my lovely musketeers!





2. Hilarious moment when Mawar’s fork broke!


3. Sketching Mawar’s side view in class! Sorry to tarnish your image, Mawar… But it sure was fun being an ‘artist’!



4. On Thursday BONGER and I went to the bake store to get baking supplies. I’m gonna make some lemon cheesecake with that soon-to-expire mascarpone cheese, while she’s gonna surprise her other half with some birthday cheesecake. I wonder how it went! She’s like super nervous about it all on Friday.

5. TGIF! We went back to good ‘ol GHPS to work some extra hours on the last weekday. What I didn’t expect was to arrive with 7 packed lunches, 2 soya milk and 2 bottles of coke and a group of hungry teachers awaiting our arrival. It felt great to see that nothing has changed since we left for school (but again, how much can change in just one week?). Walking down Cecil, settling back down in that familiar small but cozy ikea desk outside the principal’s room… It just felt as though we had never left. Lady boss walked right in when we were back working on our computers talking to the principal, acting like it was any other work days. Until fiza exclaimed EH? MRS QUEK! Then she realized our return! Hahaha! Daphne even exclaimed that ‘there’s finally life back here in the office again’.

Oh yeah, my little cutiepie recovered and came back on Friday too! That was seriously one of the nicest surprise I’ve had in a while. Played a little with her before I went back to work, but it was enough to keep me smiling for hours HEHEHE! Saddening news was the quick outbreak and spreading of HFMD among the children. The PGs population reduced to 1, and ‘mini me’ was affected too. BOO:(

One of the nicest thing that I heard that day was, “feel free to come to me for any help you need, I will be here.” seriously, how blessed can I be with such a supporting and kind principal, you tell me!

6. Saturday was pre-cramps day for me, if not I would have went jogging at least one round at the yishun reservoir with Jasmine. But I plan to bike there from woodlands next Saturday though! Hopefully the weather will cooperate ya!

7. Impromptu pizza dinner @ Jasmine’s! I’m on my way there now! YAY!

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April 22, 2012 at 5:52 PM

Something and something else.

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You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.

– Beverly Sills.

Super disappointed. Yes, I failed my driving test yesterday. To be more exact, I FLUNKED it. Did a stupid mistake that cost that whole license. Seriously what happened to my memory hahaha. Was supposed to turn out when the kerb was in line with my shoulder during vertical parking and I started to turn when it was in line with the door handle instead. I even gasped when the car slanted upwards on the kerb. Hais. Now I have to try again. Mom says I can learn more and all, but I think I still need some time to get over that stupid mistake of mine. Ugh. I wonder if my previous instructor will curse and scold when he sees me coming in for practical sessions AGAIN. I hate to disappoint, disappoint myself, and others. But I guess that’s just an unpractical and unrealistic side of me that I must let go a little of.

More sad news. BONGER just told me this noon that my little cutiepie’s really gotten HFMD.  Poor thing. Just days shy of her first birthday and all this shit has to happen? Seriously!

Today’s been a stay-at-home-and-chill-and-try-not-to-think-about-yesterday-day. Watched HBO for the past few hours and seriously it was the highlight of my day. Now I find myself starting to find more awesome old movies to watch. I love the 1982 movie ‘Annie’! Think it was adapted from a really successful broadway musical and all. Love how talented and wonderful the children were, singing and acting. They just put a smile on your face. The other movie was screened in 2004;  ‘Before sunset’ starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. I remembered watching this and the 1995 prequel, ‘Before Sunrise’ on one of the local channels a few years back. They shot the second one 9 years later, which is exactly the same amount of years the protagonists spent apart from each other before they fatefully meet again. ‘Before sunrise’ was shot in Venice while the other was shot in Italy. Beautiful places and scenery throughout the whole film. I like! It’s a really simple concept but filled with deep meanings and quotes. It’s just 2 people walking and talking about life and love and more things. Surprisingly, I liked how simple everything came through! Though it definitely feels a little different compared to the first time I watched it.

Okay, that’s all I want to say for today. School’s starting soon, no matter how I dislike the thought of it happening. A song written and sung by Julie Delpy for the movie (I suppose…) and 2 of my favourite songs from the movie ‘Annie’ to end the post off.


I love how soulfully she sings!


The sun’ll come out tomorrow

So you got to hang on til tomorrow, come what may!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow

You’re always a day away


Remember you’re never fully dressed

Though you may wear the best

You’re never fully dressed without a smile!

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April 14, 2012 at 11:43 PM

Remember today.

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I can’t begin to say how much I wanted to remember today for the rest of my life. I need to. Because today is the day I step into a brand new stage in the world of early childhood educators.

Okay, people. Today, I had a child MERLION on me.






Although the first thing I had to say was ‘oh shit’, BUT the thought that subconsciously popped to my head was ‘Welcome to the world world of teachers’ ECH teachers, to be more exact. Haha.

The smell on puke has been and still lingering within my surroundings for a while now, but I think it’s just me. But well, what learning experience is called a learning experience without a little drama and funky gross incidents? LOLS! Welcome to reality, self. Taking care of young children doesn’t mean it’s always gonna be full of sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and nyan cats (although most of the time it is 🙂 ). WHAT NYAN CATS??! Okay, maybe barney and sesame street and blues clues. But you get my point.

So I endured the smell and all those yucky stuff that should not be legal to be posted and cleaned up for her. Bathed her while she’s still crying away (hais.), washed her stained clothes AND BOLSTER… I remembered it took forever.

Only then I took care of myself. PHEW.

Well, on a good note, it’s a new and somehow great feeling to put others’ needs before yours; something that I don’t really do often. Or get to do often. Honestly, looking back, I’m pretty amazed that I could actually keep it cool and present a straight face (well not entirely) throughout the whole she-bang. And this, I reminded myself, is something I need to get used to if I were to stay in this field. A disclaimer: I don’t exactly get reminded of this incident with vengence and all, it’s just the gross part of it happening and the cleaning up part that grosses me out, that’s all. A little washing and cleaning and crazy spamming of febreeze and dettol can clear the vomit stains and smell away, no sweat. And to think that I actually survived, I’M REALLY AMAZED! I think I’m off to a great start in this field. hahaha!

I can’t start to tell you how blessed I feel with an awesome group of colleagues and teachers and bosses. Lady boss called up her sister who usually comes around in the late morning to get a clean shirt for me but she was already out by then so she called her husband, who was also one of the founding directors of the preschool to come by with a clean shirt for me so that I can wash and dry my puke-stained shirt ASAP. I thank them with my whole heart and soul. Thinking back, we were also still joking with the staff about how my shirt was limited edition and all.

So, I must remember today. The grossness, the smell and most importantly how and why this incident is a crucial stepping stone for me towards the road of becoming a full-fledged teacher, and it’s also to remind myself that hey, I’ve actually handled this situation pretty well! (in my books, yes, I think for a first-timer puking target like me, I did.)

And you know what, I realised how important it is to be smiling and keeping the positivity around amidst of all the chaos and pow-wow. I remembered telling myself to deal with the mess and be done with it ASAP, and don’t let it affect my mood or the way I shall treat/behave/see children in the future. Seriously, it helps! These reminders help me get over the things and also make the cleaning up process more joyful and happy and memorable. It sounds really wierd right? I KNOW! But yeah, among all the eeky yucky vomit stains and smell, what I remembered more clearly was how aunty and I joked about how this shirt and the ‘design’ is the only kind in the world, and how silly teacher gekteng looked when she did a short ‘fashion show’ in front of the kids waiting in the toilet during shower time. (one child even said she liked my shirt! HAHAHAHAHHAHAA!)

So choose happiness! Even if things don’t go as well as planned, you can still make it a better experience and memory with a positive attitude and a SMILE!

So, remember today, REMEMBER TODAAAAY.


“you’re funny.”

“who? who’s funny?”

“you, teacher, you’re funny.”

And sometimes, small and simple moments like these matter the most, and they can fill your heart like a pot full of honey for Winner the Pooh.




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April 5, 2012 at 10:31 PM

happy happenings

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“You can’t always be happy. But if you are always striving to choose happiness – everyday you wake up and say to yourself, “I’m going to choose to not let the outside influences in the world affect my mood…” – I promise you will live a happier life.”

-Shay Carl

Yay, this week has been great. Happy days all round, and lots of activities and tired mornings as a result. hehehee!

Started the week off a little sick, but I’m so glad to meet my super ladies Shuhui, Jerica, Isabel and Xinying for lunch AND dinner all in one day. In the past it’s always Shuhui and me who are ALWAYS available for meetups during the holidays, and now they are making way to Raffles Place to have lunch with me. Felt kind of sad that I couldn’t join them for their shopping trip at Far East after that and eat chee cheong fan, but we met up again at Orchard to get dinner. Hahaha, it would have been a PERFECT pre-overnight meet up, Jerica was so silly and sheepish about the whole alight-at-AMK-to-go-toilet thing it was like a live comedy happening right in front of our eyes. Then we spent almost 20 minutes waiting for her while I shared the funny happenings that happened in school these days. Everyone was cracking up after Jerica was back. Serious-and-mature Shuhui mama couldn’t even stop laughing after we continued our journey home on the train. HILARIOUS. hahaha!

We’re planning for bel’s birthday which will be celebrated sometime next week. Hopefully we can get the bag she wants, which I have no idea how it looked like. Hmms. We’ll see.

Oh and the driving. My god. Blame it on the procrastinator in me, I didn’t get the practical slots I wanted! Ended up booking the night PEAK periods which costs around $8 more. SHUCKS. Hopefully I’ll be able to pass my driving test.

Moving on! I wore the same shade of jeans as my cute little one @ Genius Hive! Cute max!


I also had quite alot of fun with the infants as well! I’m always enjoying my time there hahaha. Each and every session I helped out, I get to know and interact more with them, vice versa. Will miss my babies soooo much when I leave for school!

Yesterday I went to watch Bibap at esplanade too! Aunt had an extra ticket and invited me along with my cousins. Better than I expected! Love the beat-boxing and the musical dynamics, character presentations and dramatic effects. They even invited the audiences to participate in the show and all that. AWESOME SHOW! Made me so relaxed and all. No pictures though ahahhaa! I forgot to get my camera out and the esplanade people are super strict about filming within the theatre so… better not la hahaaa! But it’s good! I missed Breakout and JUMP! when they were here in Singapore, but I swear I won’t miss them when they come again!

And wow, the thought and revisiting of esplanade made me relive my the Acapella Championships memories all over again. I was just 14 then, but I can forever remember the feeling of clinching the champion for the competition. Sec 2 was a good year. Awesome year in my world of singing choirs and acapella. Those were the days AHHHHHHHH.

I FINALLY went for a haircut just now! Recently I keep having hair falling all over the place everywhere I go. Ask Hafiza my bonger, she’ll know. hahahaa! Should be because of the weight of my long hair that resulted in that. Hopefully there won’t be anymore drastic hairfalls in the office PLEASE! OH YEAH, I GOT BANGS TOO! SIDE BANGS! hahaa! yayme ! lols!

April Fools Day tomorrow! Don’t think anyone’s gonna play pranks though. hahaha We’ll see….

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March 31, 2012 at 9:47 PM

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Another long and complicated story I don’t want to speak or remember in detail of.

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It’s been a long time I’ve felt this way. I can’t even start to explain why. There’s this irritant in my system which makes me feel angry and upset at everything and anything tonight. So it’s not a good evening at all.

Even though I’m baking brownies. Even though I SHOULD be excited about it. Even though. Even… hais.

“Why bake when no one in the house is gonna eat it?”

Lots going through my mind now.

The first one went along the lines of reminding myself to give appreciation and positive vibes, not negative ones.

The other one that pops up in my mind every once in a while… to give undivided attention to my future children. IMPORTANT. For example, you don’t go saying “oh how can I miss washing this dirty bowl!” and walk off when your child is showing you something that is clearly important to her, since she’s smiling so much showing it to you. Do you even notice that?

The brownies are done, the smell is kind of overpowering for my moody self. Let’s feel better soon.

“Why purchase that electric mixer when you don’t want us to bake?!”

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March 24, 2012 at 9:47 PM

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