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A little more adult (I think)

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Hahaha! I can’t help laughing quietly at myself as I type the title of this post. It’s either I’m too anti-social and daft or hell yeah I may be right!

Oh well, not that anything is different or what. The awesome thing that makes me feel more ADULT are the performances I get to watch with friends! As in live performances. Asin go and support. And have fun. And laugh. And take lots of pictures. I’ve never done that with the BITCHES. And I’m not hinting anything negative, it’s just, different crowds draws different activities and fun. A different kind of fun. And it’s really kind of exciting and interesting and FUN FUN FUN.

Or that I’m just daft.

@ SCH for Sheena’s debut performance with the NUS winds symphony!

the ‘n-th’ group shot we had that night! hahahaa!

the official unofficial Friends of Genius Hive group shot!

alright I have to admit I look like a ghost in the picture. just a little;D

beautiful memories that are not pictured:
– me crazy after the performance. it’s like drunk without alcohol. YEP.
– whatsapp spamming of the babies’ photos between ‘friends of GHPS’ on school nights
– playing with the mirror with Pippa dearest on Friday
– Snuggly Leann singing the number song and then getting shy and running away.
– cutiepie Jeanne sitting on my lap and grasping my hand with her tiny cute ones and studying them. SUUUUUPER PRECIOUS.
– playing those shape connector toys with the N1s and learning about shapes. I showed them how 2 triangles make a square, and Javier actually made a circle with the triangles! DAEEEEEBAK!
– the short but awesome time I spent with half the K1s with the beads! We ended up stacking and balancing the beads and seeing who can make tallest and taking pictures before they collapse. So glad and proud the boys were behaving well and having an awesome time “eating” the beads with their hands. HAHAHAHA!
– changing Jeanne and unexpectedly tickling her underarms which made her giggle and giggle and giggle.
– sending quirky Natnat out skipping and singing to HSM’s “Start of something new” HEHEHEHEHE!
– Ssuper awesome first day at GHPS as a fellow attachment student

okay I’m officially missing the kids sooooo much and can’t wait for tomorrow’s concert costumes shopping and teachers performance rehearsal with my awesome colleagues!

good ol’ happy TINGZ gonna sleep with a wide smile on her face tonight



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October 25, 2012 at 11:51 PM

Peacefully at ease

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I remember there’s this tutorial from the professional development module I had over a year ago, the lecturer wanted us to think about the 3 most important values/things in your life and depict it into 3 simple icons. I drew a peace sign, smiley face and a house I think. And these 3, my lecturer explained, will be the 3 things that can guide us in making decisions and affect how we cope and deal with problems and challenges in the future.

My peace sign; to have peace within you. To feel peaceful and contented and grateful.

A smiley face; positivity all the way! What makes me happy? What can make others happy?

House; to forging and maintain quality relationships with people who are important in your life. What can be done to achieve this?

I think about these 3 a lot more than I expect I would. To my surprise, they just stuck around in my head. How am I feeling today? What can I do to make myself feel better? How do I make this nice feeling that I’m feeling last? What do I want from this situation?

It was a sense of peaceful contentment that kind of overwhelmed me on my way to ahma’s house from work. That amazing fuzzy feeling that makes you think all is well?

I owe it all to these wonderful things that happen this week.

1. Happy reunion with my lovely musketeers!





2. Hilarious moment when Mawar’s fork broke!


3. Sketching Mawar’s side view in class! Sorry to tarnish your image, Mawar… But it sure was fun being an ‘artist’!



4. On Thursday BONGER and I went to the bake store to get baking supplies. I’m gonna make some lemon cheesecake with that soon-to-expire mascarpone cheese, while she’s gonna surprise her other half with some birthday cheesecake. I wonder how it went! She’s like super nervous about it all on Friday.

5. TGIF! We went back to good ‘ol GHPS to work some extra hours on the last weekday. What I didn’t expect was to arrive with 7 packed lunches, 2 soya milk and 2 bottles of coke and a group of hungry teachers awaiting our arrival. It felt great to see that nothing has changed since we left for school (but again, how much can change in just one week?). Walking down Cecil, settling back down in that familiar small but cozy ikea desk outside the principal’s room… It just felt as though we had never left. Lady boss walked right in when we were back working on our computers talking to the principal, acting like it was any other work days. Until fiza exclaimed EH? MRS QUEK! Then she realized our return! Hahaha! Daphne even exclaimed that ‘there’s finally life back here in the office again’.

Oh yeah, my little cutiepie recovered and came back on Friday too! That was seriously one of the nicest surprise I’ve had in a while. Played a little with her before I went back to work, but it was enough to keep me smiling for hours HEHEHE! Saddening news was the quick outbreak and spreading of HFMD among the children. The PGs population reduced to 1, and ‘mini me’ was affected too. BOO:(

One of the nicest thing that I heard that day was, “feel free to come to me for any help you need, I will be here.” seriously, how blessed can I be with such a supporting and kind principal, you tell me!

6. Saturday was pre-cramps day for me, if not I would have went jogging at least one round at the yishun reservoir with Jasmine. But I plan to bike there from woodlands next Saturday though! Hopefully the weather will cooperate ya!

7. Impromptu pizza dinner @ Jasmine’s! I’m on my way there now! YAY!

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April 22, 2012 at 5:52 PM

What I’ve been doing

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Hello, blog! It’s been such a long time, I know. I’ve been soooo busy since school started and blogging isn’t really one of my priorities then. But I’m back! So much has happened in these months I reckon I need to start blogging before forgetting.

Well before I transport myself back to the past, HAPPY 2012! I’m not actually proud of myself for not achieving my resolution for donating blood in 2011. I NEED MORE COURAGE. And less selfish. HMPH. More about resolutions later.

I’ve been thinking of doing a catch-up blog post; of interesting things I have been doing and everything worth mentioning that this blog had missed out on. Being away for so long and coming back now, I suddenly feel I’m at this phase where this blog appearance no longer suits.


Haha, time flies, it’s been one year since I’ve moved from Blogger and made here the home of my thoughts, feelings, rantings and what-nots.

Okay back to catching up. There are endless things I want to/can talk about the trip to Perth. No amount of pictures and words can express how much fun I had there and how I missed going back to that place again. I left a part of me there, Perth, and I’m gonna come back again.

My laptop and external hard disk was infected with a virus and it’s been a hell of a few weeks. Only yesterday I had decided to sort out pictures that are carelessly strewn all over the place within my hard disk in my fervor attempt to save every bits and pieces of memories over the last few years. It’s an awesome feeling to look at videos and pictures that are years before and reminisce – something that I can’t afford to do/didn’t think about doing during my free time. So here I am again.

School started in mid-october, being one of the major reasons for my hiatus here. It’s been tough – school, I mean. But I’m glad I survived half of this semester already. 6 more weeks of lectures, tutorials, assignments and group projects and I’ll sit for my 2 paper and free I will be. I wonder what I’ll be doing for the 2 months of vacations.

Positive things about school, well I reunited with my homies Mawar and Yana, and I’ve also grown more and more attached to the attachment centre and the children. Sadly, no pictures are allowed to be posted. AWWWWWWWW too bad!

9 OCT 2011
We went to the Asian Civilisation Musuem to look at the exhibition on the Terracota Warriors. Did I ever mention just how much I enjoy museums?!

Skip to the month of November, we had the ECH Celebration Fiesta! It’s been such a long time since I’ve immersed myself in school activities and such! We had a game booth that day too and Ms Mona bought wacky wigs for us too!

Oh and we went to Singapore Discovery Centre as part of our assignment thing thing which I forgot. But I did remember the silly dance moves and crazy things we did there!

And then in my religious community we organised a chalet. The night before the teens gathered with some seniors and had steamboat for dinner, played poker and plasticine and stacked apples. Next late morning, we biked a whole 32km from changi all the way to East Coast Park and back. SHIIIIOK! Fun times all around!

Then it’s the New Year’s Eve karaoke cum sleepover with my lovely ladies! Not forgetting the sparkling juice, early-morning mahjong session and before-sleep facial masks session we had!

k bye!

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January 14, 2012 at 1:29 AM

Almost 20.

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Yep, today is my 19th birthday OH YEAAAAAAAAAAH!

Well actually we don’t really celebrate birthdays. As in, we give ang paos, sometimes presents, but birthday celebrations aren’t really a hoo haa in my family (like any other events…)

For me too, it’s just like any other day,I guess. When I was young, I was very pentang. Something bad will happen on my birthday, especially when I have birthday celebrations. One year I got caught in between the MRT entrance thingy where the barriers open and closed when you tap your card. And it closed on me. YEEEEAH. Another year my fingers got stuck in between the door of the elevator and I couldn’t pull it out. I remembered trying hard to pull it out but I couldn’t, but I forgot how I got them out. And this can also explain my paranoid-ness regarding lifts and pressing the button before entering and leaving. But I remembered clearly that I hurt my knees when I was 10 while playing captain’s ball during P.E. I remember it was a Thursday.

Mom asked sister to buy a cake home when I came home early today. Was kinda supposed to be celebrating with my ladies tonight but they were kinda busy so we decided to meet next Friday instead. Also, one kid in my attachment centre shared the same birthday as me! Well not the same year of course, their parents bought cake and treated the class and teachers. Me and Hafiza was there on time to grab a piece each too, and it tasted SOOOOOOO GOOD! nyumnyumynum!

Love my friends back in Poly too. They make me smile and smile and smile so much today. The 2 musketeers really surprised me with the whole open-the-book-and-a-card-falls-out-surprise. It was totally not expected and so funny as usual! Yu Zhen was sitting in front of me during tutorial and slowly turned to me and whispered happy birthday, and Sihui came right up to my ear to whisper the same thing as well. Small, simple surprises all day long. LOOOOVE IT! HAHAHA!

Much thanks to my dear BONGER aka Hafiza, she told the 2 other musketeers to send a text to me on the 19th hour on my 19th birthday. And I just went on separate ways with her to go home right after she sent that long ass text to me. SURPRISESURPRISE~~~

Soooooooo my birthday was a peaceful, simple and surprise-filled blast. I feel so blessed. I AM blessed. Thank you everyone for being a part in my life, now I’m gonna go cut the cake my sister bought! (It’s like the first time I remember cutting a birthday cake with my family other than a distant memory I had on my 7th birthday!)

Aal iz well.

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January 13, 2012 at 10:11 PM


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Well good news, folks! I can finally stop worrying and go on with my plans for my lessons and supervision! Much thanks to my mentor for giving me the much awaited green light to carry on, if not I would have to replan and brainstorm EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN!

I’m happy, people, so happy. After people and of course myself giving me doubts and all that, I can finally say my gut is the real deal. Luckily I was stubborn enough to follow it. LOLS, I think I sound too confident now! Cannot cannot! But hopefully everything will go well from now on.

Thursday the BITCHES celebrated Shuhui’s 18th birthday with a blast! I really think we could do this for each other every year man! No matter how busy we are, where we are, I hope we’ll still be able to come together at least 5 times a year(or maybe 10 times including the brainstorm and card-making session) to celebrate each of our birthdays TOGETHER!

I think I will be doing a video… because of one hilarious footage I’ve taken, but it will take a while! Meanwhile here’s the pictures!

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July 9, 2011 at 12:41 PM

‘horns’ at the back of my head.

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Tying messy baby hair on a hot and sunny day?

Chicken feet! Try saying “don’t move or you won’t be pretty.” and “look in front and feed your hungry kungfu panda.”

So glad I could enjoy my short 2 week term break at ahma’s! Jovianne’s getting cheekier and cheekier each day,never failing to crack me up with weird but cute antics of her. And my aunt said she had that cheeky garfield smirk and the posture of liang po po when she grooves to hi5??

Well this also means I’m trying to put the upcoming assignments and lesson plans out of my head. Gotta make up my mind on which to focus on when and when to focus on which so that I won’t spend my play time worrying about school stuff and wasting time distracted to play when it’s time to do school work.

Those who couldn’t understand put your hands up.

Or maybe I should just prop my legs up and enjoy my much awaited break instead? HMMS.

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June 15, 2011 at 11:50 PM

Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

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Old… and young – in both spirits and heart. (Okay, sometimes not the mentality, but I can live with that;D)

Grandpa’s facial contours and his beautifully imperfect facial hairs never fail to unfaze me in many ways. At age 75 he’s still managing the household so adequately, never fail to replenish food supplies and go around the vicinity for the best buys, saving the cents and dollars to support the whole family ever since Mom was young. A skilled carpenter, I remember. He collects potential furnitures and stuffs that are thrown away by people, and reuses them, or make them into cabinets and racks. I remembered him making a whiteboard stand for me when I was young, and even painting them in vibrant colours. Even when he was still in his sixties, he repaints the whole house every lunar new year.

Been living with my grandparents for the most of my nearly 2 months worth of vacation, and I really loved it there. The love they give is different in every single way and there’s always something to laugh about and tease of.

Thank god for grandparents. Although they were the reason I don’t want to work and earn the ‘potential’ extra pocket money during the vacations, what I get in return is priceless.

Living in the moment, that’s what I call it.

Although I bet I’ll spend ALOT of time missing the days and the people here when I go back home… and school.

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April 14, 2011 at 6:27 PM

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