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I’m on my way.

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The train ride from woodlands to raffles place is something I’ve got to get used to. Cos I’m gonna be taking this journey to and fro many times in the future.

The future. My future. Near future at least. The future that I can still grasp and see in my head. Well sometimes.

I finally accepted the job offer from GHPS. It’s like a rude awakening. That, hey! You’ve gotta make some choices that’s gonna affect your life forever and you’re gonna be responsible about it! Kind of wake up call. Well the nice kind that makes me wanna go forward with my life;)

It’s nice to make grown up decisions for yourself once in a while. This question and decision kind of took a long time for it to settle in my head. Heh. But then again, it’s not about whether I’m going to return to become a full-fledged teacher under GHPS, but more about whether I could bear NOT returning and NOT seeing my dearest colleagues and babies after graduation. The answer is simple. And so I went for it.

It’s 2 days since school started and an unofficial ‘off’ day on the 3rd. I’m on my way to GHPS again Hehehhe! This time gonna meet the others and off we go to watch Sheena’s debut in NUS winds.

Can’t wait to see my awesome principal and colleagues again. And the children. Oh the children. I just need some getting used to. From coming everyday 5 days a week to only a meek 2 days a week practicum thing.

A little prayer that I’m gonna stand out stronger and wiser after my last sem in NP, and that time flies by. And hopefully that I survive through all these.

So, GHPS, I’m on my way.
Sheena, I’m on my way.
Graduation trip/s, I’m on my way.
Wait for me!


Written by GekTeng

October 17, 2012 at 4:21 PM

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