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Peacefully at ease

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I remember there’s this tutorial from the professional development module I had over a year ago, the lecturer wanted us to think about the 3 most important values/things in your life and depict it into 3 simple icons. I drew a peace sign, smiley face and a house I think. And these 3, my lecturer explained, will be the 3 things that can guide us in making decisions and affect how we cope and deal with problems and challenges in the future.

My peace sign; to have peace within you. To feel peaceful and contented and grateful.

A smiley face; positivity all the way! What makes me happy? What can make others happy?

House; to forging and maintain quality relationships with people who are important in your life. What can be done to achieve this?

I think about these 3 a lot more than I expect I would. To my surprise, they just stuck around in my head. How am I feeling today? What can I do to make myself feel better? How do I make this nice feeling that I’m feeling last? What do I want from this situation?

It was a sense of peaceful contentment that kind of overwhelmed me on my way to ahma’s house from work. That amazing fuzzy feeling that makes you think all is well?

I owe it all to these wonderful things that happen this week.

1. Happy reunion with my lovely musketeers!





2. Hilarious moment when Mawar’s fork broke!


3. Sketching Mawar’s side view in class! Sorry to tarnish your image, Mawar… But it sure was fun being an ‘artist’!



4. On Thursday BONGER and I went to the bake store to get baking supplies. I’m gonna make some lemon cheesecake with that soon-to-expire mascarpone cheese, while she’s gonna surprise her other half with some birthday cheesecake. I wonder how it went! She’s like super nervous about it all on Friday.

5. TGIF! We went back to good ‘ol GHPS to work some extra hours on the last weekday. What I didn’t expect was to arrive with 7 packed lunches, 2 soya milk and 2 bottles of coke and a group of hungry teachers awaiting our arrival. It felt great to see that nothing has changed since we left for school (but again, how much can change in just one week?). Walking down Cecil, settling back down in that familiar small but cozy ikea desk outside the principal’s room… It just felt as though we had never left. Lady boss walked right in when we were back working on our computers talking to the principal, acting like it was any other work days. Until fiza exclaimed EH? MRS QUEK! Then she realized our return! Hahaha! Daphne even exclaimed that ‘there’s finally life back here in the office again’.

Oh yeah, my little cutiepie recovered and came back on Friday too! That was seriously one of the nicest surprise I’ve had in a while. Played a little with her before I went back to work, but it was enough to keep me smiling for hours HEHEHE! Saddening news was the quick outbreak and spreading of HFMD among the children. The PGs population reduced to 1, and ‘mini me’ was affected too. BOO:(

One of the nicest thing that I heard that day was, “feel free to come to me for any help you need, I will be here.” seriously, how blessed can I be with such a supporting and kind principal, you tell me!

6. Saturday was pre-cramps day for me, if not I would have went jogging at least one round at the yishun reservoir with Jasmine. But I plan to bike there from woodlands next Saturday though! Hopefully the weather will cooperate ya!

7. Impromptu pizza dinner @ Jasmine’s! I’m on my way there now! YAY!


Written by GekTeng

April 22, 2012 at 5:52 PM

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