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“You can’t always be happy. But if you are always striving to choose happiness – everyday you wake up and say to yourself, “I’m going to choose to not let the outside influences in the world affect my mood…” – I promise you will live a happier life.”

-Shay Carl

Yay, this week has been great. Happy days all round, and lots of activities and tired mornings as a result. hehehee!

Started the week off a little sick, but I’m so glad to meet my super ladies Shuhui, Jerica, Isabel and Xinying for lunch AND dinner all in one day. In the past it’s always Shuhui and me who are ALWAYS available for meetups during the holidays, and now they are making way to Raffles Place to have lunch with me. Felt kind of sad that I couldn’t join them for their shopping trip at Far East after that and eat chee cheong fan, but we met up again at Orchard to get dinner. Hahaha, it would have been a PERFECT pre-overnight meet up, Jerica was so silly and sheepish about the whole alight-at-AMK-to-go-toilet thing it was like a live comedy happening right in front of our eyes. Then we spent almost 20 minutes waiting for her while I shared the funny happenings that happened in school these days. Everyone was cracking up after Jerica was back. Serious-and-mature Shuhui mama couldn’t even stop laughing after we continued our journey home on the train. HILARIOUS. hahaha!

We’re planning for bel’s birthday which will be celebrated sometime next week. Hopefully we can get the bag she wants, which I have no idea how it looked like. Hmms. We’ll see.

Oh and the driving. My god. Blame it on the procrastinator in me, I didn’t get the practical slots I wanted! Ended up booking the night PEAK periods which costs around $8 more. SHUCKS. Hopefully I’ll be able to pass my driving test.

Moving on! I wore the same shade of jeans as my cute little one @ Genius Hive! Cute max!


I also had quite alot of fun with the infants as well! I’m always enjoying my time there hahaha. Each and every session I helped out, I get to know and interact more with them, vice versa. Will miss my babies soooo much when I leave for school!

Yesterday I went to watch Bibap at esplanade too! Aunt had an extra ticket and invited me along with my cousins. Better than I expected! Love the beat-boxing and the musical dynamics, character presentations and dramatic effects. They even invited the audiences to participate in the show and all that. AWESOME SHOW! Made me so relaxed and all. No pictures though ahahhaa! I forgot to get my camera out and the esplanade people are super strict about filming within the theatre so… better not la hahaaa! But it’s good! I missed Breakout and JUMP! when they were here in Singapore, but I swear I won’t miss them when they come again!

And wow, the thought and revisiting of esplanade made me relive my the Acapella Championships memories all over again. I was just 14 then, but I can forever remember the feeling of clinching the champion for the competition. Sec 2 was a good year. Awesome year in my world of singing choirs and acapella. Those were the days AHHHHHHHH.

I FINALLY went for a haircut just now! Recently I keep having hair falling all over the place everywhere I go. Ask Hafiza my bonger, she’ll know. hahahaa! Should be because of the weight of my long hair that resulted in that. Hopefully there won’t be anymore drastic hairfalls in the office PLEASE! OH YEAH, I GOT BANGS TOO! SIDE BANGS! hahaa! yayme ! lols!

April Fools Day tomorrow! Don’t think anyone’s gonna play pranks though. hahaha We’ll see….


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March 31, 2012 at 9:47 PM

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