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Work days, rest days.

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Well hello, it’s a happy day today, just like it is every other day. I’ve started work right after the exams and I’m really having a good time there! Hafiza’s friend had been working there since her A levels and we joined in the fun to help them with some organising and worksheet-making stuff.

I admit being more than a little skeptical about the worksheets when i heard of the job requirements, but this was a good deal; the principal seemed nice during our first meeting (we didn’t even have a formal itnerview or whatever, she just assumed we’re taking the job she’s offering hahaa!) and the staff and teachers there are so hospitable and friendly. Most of the teachers graduated from NP ECH and I could really learn alot from them to witness how in-service teachers are still able to apply what they have learnt; their practices are all but too familiar from topics covered in school. And after 2 weeks of working there, I found myself growing attached to the teachers, staff, the babies and my cute principal. It’s such a great environment for me to work in, and she’s even offering us the chance to come back not only during our school holidays, but also after graduation! That’s something to be excited about I guess?

Today’s Monday, which is also a rest day for me. It’s the teacher’s training day which is also off day. Hahaha! So I spent it in ahma’s house. I hadn’t been there for a little more than a week or so because of the centre’s HFMD outbreak soooo yeah. And now that I actually have a job, I wondered how I actually survived by rotting and spending my  past holidays here at ahma’s doing nothing. Not that it isn’t good, but after experiencing how wonderful and meaningful my holidays have become through working in Genius Hive, I couldn’t imagine anything less. And I really love the feeling of being productive.

My driving test is on the last Friday of my holidays, which means if I were to still work, I would miss my last day at Genius Hive. Which SUCKS. I wonder if we will be able to complete our tasks on time before we leave? But i don’t think I mind coming back every Saturday to complete the unfinished work when school resumes though! We’ll see.

I’m becoming less and less confident about the driving and all. I wonder if I will remember ANYTHING after more than a month without practice. I think my coach for my first revision will have a hard time with me. But that’s another thing to worry about. In the future.

Oh! I’m gonna attend Kina Grannis’ concert in Singapore on the 19th of March! I can’t wait! Kevin just went for Wong Fu’s workshop or something and claimed he spent hundreds purchasing their merch. I think I’m gonna buy some of Kina’s merch too! probably a shirt or something?

Alot has happened in the awesome world of Youtube too. Charles Trippy of CTFxC actually got diagnosed with a brain tumour recently and all. Life is unpredictable, but he’s such an inspiration by being positive and jovial about this, and thank god the tumour is not cancerous and all. Shaytards had their 3 years anniversary of vlogging TODAY! There’s this super cute limited edition shirt coming up for this occasion and I’m so tempted to buy it OH MAN!

Is this like, the first time since I talked about Youtube celebrities? I think it is. hahaha! I remember the first youtube original vlog I watched was a CTFxC one, then I got caught in a maelstrom of shaytards, gradlife, ladiedottie and all these vloggers and all. Great way to end the day by watching vids! I can’t believe I’ve been watching for a year now! Wowzers.

Okay that’s all. Bye./


Written by GekTeng

March 5, 2012 at 3:53 PM

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