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Do opportunities come twice? 


I knew my parents wouldn’t let me go with Ivan on his US backpacking trip, but what I didn’t know was the tinge of disappointment that was still present deep inside me. 

But nonetheless it’s good enough they gave the green light on the upcoming Perth trip (which I think if we didn’t go, the US one will be more possible but it’s okay!) 

So while I calm myself down and prepare for Perth, I still wonder where will there be an opportunity to go to amazing places. Especially after I missed this, when will there be a time where there are people willing to not only go traveling with me, but also accompany and enjoy the rides on amusement parks? As much as my aunts like traveling, they are NOT going to be there when I say I wanna ride this rollercoaster or that other fun stuff that make your heart come out. You get what I mean? 

And when will the time come?
What if the world ends tomorrow? Or 2012? 

Oh no. 

If there’s a reason why I’m studying hard now, other than to be able to support myself(and my parents of course) financially in the future, is to earn and save money to go see the rest of the world. And i don’t want anyone to stop me from doing so. 

I know I’ve been talking about traveling a lot, and that this time the trip to Perth is with a tour agency and all of which TOTALLY opposes to my previous blog entry, but I have to make do with what I have. The trip to Perth is merely a chance I have to take in order not to rot at home all holiday. That’s my mindset BEFORE I knew Ivan’s plans. 

And now I’ll just make sure enjoy myself and make the best of everything, because I know I’m already a very VERY lucky girl. 

But I can still hope, wish and DREAM, can I? 


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September 3, 2011 at 11:38 PM

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