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Things that make me happy

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Well admit it, accept it, DEAL WITH IT. Shit does happen once in a while. That’s why I’m gonna learn to focus on the finer and good things in life instead of wallowing in self-pity and being emo and let negative thoughts and feelings overtake me which will result in an earlier death. (JSYK, NO I DON’T THINK THE WORLD IS GOING TO END IN 2012.)

Now everyone’s asleep and with no school tomorrow the whole freaking house is MINE. Assignments, doubts, worries and disappointments aside, it’s time to relax and do things I like.

That’s why I’ve decided to concoct a list of things that make me happy/keep me happy:

  1. Listen to music. Calms the storm in me.
  2. Singing songs out loud and asking my soft toys to sing along. And then laughing at the ridicule of this.
  3. Reading my ‘The Little Prince Deluxe Pop-up’. And the rest of my small but growing children’s storybook collection.
  4. Watching SHAYTARDS and listening to Babytard giggle!
  5. Looking at the pictures I’ve taken and thinking of the many more that is to come.
  6. Knowing there are people listening and having your back. (in this particular case, THANKS MS LAVINA!)
  7. Jamming on my guitar/piano/ukulele and act like I’m performing to a sold-out concert audience. HAHAHAHAA!
  8. Looking at awesome houses and interior designs and imagining living in that house.
  9. Thinking of what I should eat later/the next day.
  10. Racking my brains on what other things that can make me happy.

Okay that’s all I have, I know the last one is nonsense. In fact, everything is. I feel like a weirdo after reading that list. ACT LIKE I’M PERFORMING TO A SOLD-OUT CONCERT AUDIENCE?! Yes, I’m really doing a darn good job daydreaming, but nonetheless!

Moral of post: When shit happens, admit it, accept it, deal with it, FORGET IT and MOVE ON!

(My goodness I can’t believe I checked that ‘this post is super-awesome’ box before publishing.)



Written by GekTeng

August 8, 2011 at 1:23 AM

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