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Well good news, folks! I can finally stop worrying and go on with my plans for my lessons and supervision! Much thanks to my mentor for giving me the much awaited green light to carry on, if not I would have to replan and brainstorm EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN!

I’m happy, people, so happy. After people and of course myself giving me doubts and all that, I can finally say my gut is the real deal. Luckily I was stubborn enough to follow it. LOLS, I think I sound too confident now! Cannot cannot! But hopefully everything will go well from now on.

Thursday the BITCHES celebrated Shuhui’s 18th birthday with a blast! I really think we could do this for each other every year man! No matter how busy we are, where we are, I hope we’ll still be able to come together at least 5 times a year(or maybe 10 times including the brainstorm and card-making session) to celebrate each of our birthdays TOGETHER!

I think I will be doing a video… because of one hilarious footage I’ve taken, but it will take a while! Meanwhile here’s the pictures!


Written by GekTeng

July 9, 2011 at 12:41 PM

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