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Here it goes again…

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Well holidays are over and school has started. It’s time to get a grip on the situation and buck up for the rest of the semester! Second day back, HMMMSS…. What can I say? Actually there’s not much difference, except the frequency of checking my online learning portals and email increasing, not much difference actually.

Meeting new lecturers for the first time is weird and funny. I always don’t know what to expect from them and all that. Yes, that’s my opinions on all things/people new in my life. I feel scared and intimidated by the whole ‘trying to impress/express so that people will not think you’re weird and what-not’ phase and sometimes this does make me not want to participate in fun things. Now I sound like a emo introvert, or someone with low self-esteem-.- Of the 6 lecturers from my 6 brand new modules, there are 3 whom I know. At least I think I do.

Ms Mona getting back in action teaching us math for young children is one of the best thing that happened in this semester! She’s funny and kind, and I really didn’t expect this from her the first time we met last semester. 2 words: LOVE HER! Ms Eliza’s cute too, hahahaa! She talks alot and has her own unique ‘quickie’ sessions for us. So far so good! Mrs Asha’s yet another lecturer from a year ago. To be honest I don’t really miss her lessons, but better than nothing;D Our IT lecturer CRACKS US UP. Ohmygod she’s so funny and informational. LEarnt quite a few little cool things from her today already. I can’t wait to have more sessions and get my hands on more of Adobe fireworks, indesign, flash and dreamweaver once I get the hang of it!

Now I just hope I’m as lucky with academics as I was during the previous academic year, so that I don’t have to slog hard and go home late every week just to earn CCA points and win a spot in Wheelock College. It’s nothing; just a change of ‘scenery’ and direction in poly by being more low profile after my primary and secondary school life.


Written by GekTeng

April 27, 2011 at 5:51 PM

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