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Happy Tunes

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Oh, come on! Everyone’s gotta have at least ONE happy tune! One that will cheer you up or at least make you feel a little better when you feel you’re as good as leftover popcorn.

I’m up and as hippy high as ever! Watched a couple of awesome music videos and I just want to share the love!

My official happy tune. Sprinkle a little more life by watching the music video!

I LOOOOOOOVE THIS OH MY GOD. I know it’s late and I’ve posted way too much and more than I’ve ever posted in a day’s time, or more so a week but I’m feeling so happy this feeling shall be shared. NYEHEHEHEE! Once I heard the tune my whole body’s dancing. Okay, trying to, hehee!

Music makes my world go round.

Music with nice music videos about love friends with a hippy and lively tune just sets my heart booming and on the verge of exploding. Like the corn that’s gonna pop. Yeah, popcorn. Uhuh. Whatever. So technically my world explodes. In a good cause though.

So what’s your happy tune? Do you have one? Do you know happy tunes of your loved ones? Just thought it might be important to know those. You might never be sure when you need it. And instead of drowning in sorrow and wallowing in self-pity listening to emo-songs, WHY NOT CHEER UP AND RULE THE WORLD?!

I have a happy beat in me, do you have it too?


Lots of hugs and kisses and xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo,
drunk without alcohol,



Written by GekTeng

April 23, 2011 at 12:33 AM

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