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Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

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Old… and young – in both spirits and heart. (Okay, sometimes not the mentality, but I can live with that;D)

Grandpa’s facial contours and his beautifully imperfect facial hairs never fail to unfaze me in many ways. At age 75 he’s still managing the household so adequately, never fail to replenish food supplies and go around the vicinity for the best buys, saving the cents and dollars to support the whole family ever since Mom was young. A skilled carpenter, I remember. He collects potential furnitures and stuffs that are thrown away by people, and reuses them, or make them into cabinets and racks. I remembered him making a whiteboard stand for me when I was young, and even painting them in vibrant colours. Even when he was still in his sixties, he repaints the whole house every lunar new year.

Been living with my grandparents for the most of my nearly 2 months worth of vacation, and I really loved it there. The love they give is different in every single way and there’s always something to laugh about and tease of.

Thank god for grandparents. Although they were the reason I don’t want to work and earn the ‘potential’ extra pocket money during the vacations, what I get in return is priceless.

Living in the moment, that’s what I call it.

Although I bet I’ll spend ALOT of time missing the days and the people here when I go back home… and school.


Written by GekTeng

April 14, 2011 at 6:27 PM

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