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Yep, that’s how my Saturday went.

Coupled with an unsolved/ignored case of my missing internet connection and the shitty 3G signal I get when using internet tethering has totally set me on a verge of screaming and yelling, “LET ME GO BACK TO AHMA’S! OR ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THIS SUFFOCATING HELL!”

I need a retreat. A back to basics kind of runaway plan.

Gosh, I felt really bad for my endless rantings on this site. At first this was my a-picture-a-day photography site, then it became an occasional one after I bailed out on my initial plan. Then I transferred all my life on my blogosphere on blogger here.

But I don’t deserve all these crap either. Argh, Life feels so meaningless and empty, I wished there are better things for me to do around here. But NOTHING. PUI.

I don’t like being emotional and being vulnerable. Especially in front of my parents. I feel like a loser.

Or maybe I’m just PMSing.

GGT out.


Written by GekTeng

March 26, 2011 at 11:39 PM

Posted in A Wordy Life, My Rants

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