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>Let’s waste time, downloading stuffs.

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>Technically it’s not wasting time, but times like these… home alone during the holidays… are meant to be boring and meaningless and everything I don’t want it to be. But sometimes MEEEEE time is unusually peaceful and serene too! Depends on your perspective la, sometimes it makes me go bonkers. Especially when I’m PMS-ing.

But these days, I don’t know whether it’s because of my happy hormones or just plainly because things are just going smoothly for me or whatever, I’m enjoying my holidays just as much! Went out during the past2 days, and boy, I did lots of shopping YIPPEEEEE!

Not for clothes, actually, but more on books…records… and all that stuff.

Don’t really wanna elaborate too much, I’m still transferring videos into my iphone, which is taking a hell out of my time. Gotta figure out a pattern to work out those things! Oh yeah, the best thing about yesterday was that both Mom and Dad took leave and we spent out ‘mini sunday’ back to NP to get all my free programmes back on my Fujitsu! And not that I’m over-paranoid or whatever – which I really don’t think I am – but just now the HD stopped responding and I had to force shut it down. Argh. I swear I’ll save up and get a Macbook pro before I graduate from NP. And that MS Office software that costs less than 20 bucks! I’m really beginning to see the perks of being a local student. In Singapore context, I mean. I wonder if foreign schools actually have this kind of benefits for students? But the softwares are really a good buy. Will remember to get it before I graduate I SWEAR!

Okay then we went around shopping and eating and eating and shopping. I bought Goodbye Lullabye! WOOHOO! I mean my mom bought it for me. DOUBLE WOOHOOO!!! I feel I’m getting so stingy about my finances and all that nowadays. HMMS.

Okay Wednesday was just a trip to town to get some pop up books I adore. Like the Little Prince Deluxe pop up edition. YEAH, THAT. And many others. Well not much, if not I’ll be broke by now. Heh!

Oh! I met up with the BITCHES for dinner on Monday too! It’s so funny, Jerica and Shuhui came by to watch some movies before meeting for dinner. Insider story, but I’ll remember this forever. Maybe even confess to my mother about what happened when I’m older. And legal. I mean 21. But it’s so much fun!

Other days are spent at home or at ahma’s. So nice, I kind of like to play with Jovianne. She’s so cute and all that, but meltdowns, it’s a nono for me. Hahaha, see, that’s some advantages of not being a mother to a kid. You can simply avoid the meltdowns and get away ASAP, not being responsible for anything. And oh my, I do sound very irresponsible! Especially when I’m with people who are more responsible for thinggs compared to me. Ah, I’m sidetracking and babbling.


Channel U is showing this awesome show about private investigaters and solving cases and all that. Kind of like a sitcom, where there’s funny things that happened every now and then. And so, after solving a case – currently only 2 – this madam will type a report and conclude about the mission. I’ve been keeping a mental track of those quotes from her since day 1:

Temptation is like poison coated with sugar. Once the sugar melts after tasting it, it’s just too late to escape from the poison.

Behind every photograph, there are stories only the photographer knows themselves.

Something like that.

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March 18, 2011 at 1:47 PM

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