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>Yesterday Once More… Please?

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>Simply loved yesterday to bits! I was out for the whole day and it never felt better! I just love it when I go to the great outdoors, especially with oldies like Shuhui, Jerica and the other bitches! It was so fun, however it was only us 3 who went out yesterday.

Argh, I was supposed to have gotten my free softwares like Photoshop and MS Office by now. Yesterday’s trip back to NP was completely a waste. I forgot to bring the proof of change of harddisk and the IT personnel didn’t want to help me get back all the softwares. Completely wasted trip. Aiyooooo!

Shuhui and I shopped for a bit at IMM, where I tried on so many clothes I felt so malu I didn’t buy any of them. HEHE! Oh yeah, the new Kbox outlet at CCK was the bomb! Super new facilities and I was even able to record and bluetooth my new cover, Listen by Beyonce to my phone! Furthermore, ONLY $6 FOR 3 HOURS! Okay, 2.5hours to be exact, but we sure had fun! Gotta go there with MAwar and Yana sometime! YEEEEHAWW!

And so it was so fun we decided to extend the timing and pay another 6 bucks to sing til 7, but unfortunately bookings were full): Us last-minuters decided to catch I AM NUMBER 4 at Lot 1 shopping mall instead. Ahahaha, don’t you just love the excitement of UNPREDICTABILITY? It was 4.45Pm and we managed to get really good seats for the 5.10PM slot. Seriously, when we got in the theatre I realised the whole row was taken by only the 3 of us. BEYOND AWESOME!

Ahyi told me to get some goodies for her colleagues as her thank-you-for-your-well-wishes-while-i-got-2-months-of-paid-leave-at-home-cos-i-fractured-my-bone-when-i-fell-into-the-drain-while-walking gifts. Luckily Shuhui was around to make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful for me. Surprisingly I lugged everything, yes, CHOCOLATES AND JUNKFOOD WORTH S$106.25 home by MYSELF. Thank you very much.

And actually, I wouldn’t mind not having a job for the whole of my entire 1.5 months of vacation. See the point? I don’t feel like slogging out for more money when you get to rest, then start year 2 with a not-so-good-note. Oh, come on! Holidays and vacations are meant to be enjoyed! I’m not even pressed for money, truthfully. I think my current temporary income of a meek $80 a month from tuition is enough to keep me alive.


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March 8, 2011 at 10:11 AM

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