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Long time.

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Yep, it’s been a long time since I posted anything. One week and 2 days, to be exact.
No, I’m not going to continue my post a day project. For good or for worse. Heh.

But I’m glad more will be coming up! Argh, the careless side of me decided to show itself yesterday when I forgot to bring my prove for the change of HDD for my Fujitsu. There goes all my free softwares. AGAIN. Gotta go back to school again to get it the next time. Oh, I wonder when will that happen.

Well, whatever. I think I’ll just get the trail version of CS5 first. I was just having so much fun playing with my photos using the new content-aware fill feature and all that silly stuff.

Actuallt I have lots of photos to post! These past few months I went to the National Museum of Singapore, Tong Chai Medical Hall where I shot some candids and environmental portraits and not to forget some portraits I took during the Chinese New Year. I hope there’s more to come since it’s the holidays! Shall go for a photowalk some time later. I’m thinking of Fort Canning… Or maybe Woodlands Waterfront which is just a bus ride away from my house. Okay two bus rides.

I’ll see…

Oh yeah, I’ve uploaded a picture of Jovianne in Nikon’s my picturetown competition/activity/sharing(?) on their Facebook page, don’t hesitate to click here to take a look and vote for my picture!

And meanwhile, STAY TUNED FOR MORE!


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March 8, 2011 at 10:05 AM

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