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>Perfect? Happy?

Ah, I don’t care. What matters most, I think, is how much you’ve taken away from it. What have you learnt? What have you experienced? What are the new encounters? New people?

Doing the annual conclusion now seems rather appropriate – I’ve completed all my assignments (like finally!), all except one module have wrapped up, souvenirs given. I can’t believe tomorrow’s really the last day of my 1st year in poly. Seriously, how did I get here?

Okay, I have to admit, in the midst of YOG, elearning weeks and vacations, our holidays are SUPER LONG. They are probably as long as our schooling days. But well, it’s been a fun ride. Met new people, no matter how much I hate about opening myself up to more people and all, I have to. And it all comes down to those who have stayed; those that I’ve chosen to stay with. Can’t really imagine life without friends, so here’s to Mawar, Yana, Hafiza, Evangeline, Aisyah and Raihanna! It’s been such an interesting year yaw!

It’s so good to still have old friends like Shuhui and gang. I loved that we still made a point to keep in contact, host stayovers, celebrate birthdays and all that. Making a point to still meet up and catch up with each other’s lives! (No matter how different they have all become…) It’s so wonderful we still interact and gossip and yack like those good ol’ secondary school days, when we’re still in that pure innocent lives of ours. Simple sweet and happy. Those days are always one of the best moments of my life.

Me Yana and MAwar had this so-called end of semester celebration today. Karaoke was too expensive and we settled for a movie instead. Oh my, we had so much fun! And I laughed so loudly in the cinema, but I don’t care. Somehow, it reminded me of the days where me and Isabel will always be the dramamamas of the whole cinema.

Attachment has also come to an end. Mixed feelings – that’s what I call it. I often wonder how it would be like if we actually stayed on at Kindercare. But I stopped thinking already. Sigh, it’s always like this, it’s always when that something in your life is about to disappear, that you begin to regret for all the negative feelings you once had at first. It has always been like that for me. Ah but now, I’ll miss the kids soooo much. It’s such a pity I only get to know the mature K2 kids towards the last 2 weeks of my attachment. I felt soooo bad for not being able to do the art lesson for everyone last Tuesday. I think this will be one of the regrets of my whole life. I wonder if the kids will miss me? Or even remember me? I don’t think so.

I think I’m gonna name my future daughter Caitlin. Or Kaitlyn. Oh, and Arielene too. Or Annabelle. Haha.

And how can I forget sons? Jayden will be on the top of my list and Asher and…?!?!

There were once soo much words and feelings in my head, but I don’t know why it has all gone to where it seemed impossible to locate.

I think I’ll just continue to go with the flow. Be more confident. And contented. Don’t complain too much! Everything has its own good and bad, depends on how you see it. And all these memories? Stored and locked inside my head for as long as I live.

I’m gonna go have my beauty sleep soon, late class tomorrow! YAY!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming~~~


Written by GekTeng

February 17, 2011 at 9:44 PM

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