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I’m not even awake for 12 hours and I already feel like I’m going to K.O. any moment. Today’s a wonderful day, ah gong and ahma and all my aunts and uncles and cousins all came to visit. And even with them around I managed to complete my essay. See, miracles do happen! And so we ate hotpot for lunch, like we did every new year, and took a family photo, like every other year. The only difference is that we finally don’t have to prop our cameras and support it above a tower of books so that everyone can get in the shot.

I made full use of my Nikon and tripod stand phew, it sure is stressful when everyone got into their places and stare as you set up your camera! It’s good to be prepared first. It’s good.

My oh-so-delicious hotpot! You know we only eat this once a year because there’s just too many things too prepare!

annual CNY highlight!

And just-so-you-know, I took a little too many photos of Jovianne once again. Ah, if only I got permission from my aunt to post them online… I would have my portfolio all ready and going already. But… sometimes respect is more than anything and everything. So oh well! I’ll still find some cute ones to share once in a while I guess. Hehe!


Written by GekTeng

February 13, 2011 at 10:07 PM

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