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Baby, Baby, Baby, oooooh!

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Ahhh, my cutiepie! I had so much fun with Jovianne today! We watched Elmo on my iPhone and she danced to the Elmo song! Now everytime I say Elmo she’ll point to my iPhone! Cute, but inside, I’m actually considering if it’s too early for her to be exposed to electronics at such a tender age. Just a little won’t hurt? Hopefully?

And see that mischevious glint she had in her eyes even when she’s taking a water break. I’m sure she’ll be as big an Elmo fan as me!

And even better news, she’s taking more note of the camera now than before! She even rememebered to smile! HAHAHAA!



Written by GekTeng

February 7, 2011 at 11:27 PM

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