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Opps I did it again!

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Haha! Apologies for skipping yesterday! I was out all day, going to Singapore National Museum and after that to Ikea after my tuition. Today was spent all around Chinatown, soaking up the Chinese New Year atmosphere there. And til now, I still can’t believe how Singaporeans are that willing to queue for Bak Kwas for the whole day. I’ll upload those pictures some other days, and I’m trying the free photo editor at while my Fujitsu’s still in the ‘hospital’. Hopefully I’ll be able to get by time. And hopefully the harddisk they ordered for me comes earlier than usual!

People say they can get lost in Ikea, but I didn’t in this Tampines outlet. Guess Singapore’s just too small to hold such big-scale business and buildings. But it’s okay, better for Mom too, since she’s always complaining last night that the route and everything makes her feel confused and lost.

Okay, just one more assignment to complete and hand in before my 4 days long Chinese New Year holidays! Can’t wait for it, especially when I’ve bought some really awesome clothes! But my room…


Written by GekTeng

January 29, 2011 at 11:33 PM

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