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>Emotional Wreck.

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>Yes, this is what school, family, peers and everything and anything in between can do to you. It sucks even more when you come back to a solemn and silent house after being so high and happy back at Kids Amaze. Another thing shall be PMS. But whatever.

I feel like crying. Ahhhhh I miss the noisiness at Ahma’s, my room being in a mess makes me don’t wanna come home even more. Dealing with peers can be a frustrating and complicating, yet interesting thing to do. I have finally completed my todos for tonight seeing the last page of my essay printed out. There’s no more time to watch Running Man and heighten my spirits.

No matter what, I’m just who I am, take it or leave it. I feel so helpless not able to sound my feelings and all the negativity in my body out. Hopefully it desn’t poison me. Sigh, I’m so not in the right mood for anything. Goodnight.

Oh I wanna talk to Shuhui like right now. RIGHT NOW)’:


Written by GekTeng

January 19, 2011 at 11:45 PM

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