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>18 plus a little bit.

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>Okay, this was posted a bit late, and I feel so bad about it.

Now a recent problem I have is that I have 2 blogs and I DON’T KNOW how to distinguish which kind of post is for which blog, and I HAVEN’T BEEN POSTING EVERYDAY for a while now. And also, I took pictures but I’m just too plain lazy to load it up on the computer and maybe do some post processing. And so for the delayed post.

I’ve received so much love during my 18th birthday that I decided, hell come high water and all that, I’m gonna post about it to remind me of how fortunate I am.

Funny but true, this was what I posted in WordPress but then made it a private post because of my confusion as to which blog is this content for. I decided this shalll be the blog. Heh!

And here it goes~~~


I am blessed. I am so blessed.

MEALS, 3 or more in a day,
BED, lots of late nights, but comfy enough in many ways,
SCHOOL that is sometimes annoying but fun(in a way!),
FRIENDS that ridicule and tease but care,
FAMILY that often irritates but loves.

Seriously, should there be more I should/could have asked for? I think not at the moment.

Okay, just a new ikea shelf to store and display all my life treasures. How about that?


Written by GekTeng

January 17, 2011 at 9:35 PM

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