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of assignments, a night of deprived sleep, caffeine-highness and nonsensical whims and jokes.


Damn, it was the looongest ride home ever! And my head was hurting so bad my ears turned red and my eyes were threatening to shut at any moment.

Yana, Mawar and I were joking and laughing at I-forgot-what and I think too much gas went in my system and clogged my brain system, and by the time play lecture started, I was busy pulling my hair to try soothe my pounding head. It kind of works, really. Mawar said it was the old-fashioned way of healing headaches – you twirl the hair on the area that hurts and jerk it. As in pull it. And yes, I didn’t pay attention to the lecture AT ALL. Half the time I’m pulling my hair out, and the other I’m taking a break and closing my eyes. You get what I mean.

Sometimes I really prefer the good ol’ pen and paper style of writing notes and everything. Now, all the lecture presentations are all in powerpoint format and distributed out through the net. It kind of makes everyone stop listening to the lecture and paying attention. And also, because of these powerpoint slides that we are supposed to have and printed out, there’s no chance for me to write them down like I used to in the past.

Child Development was fun FUN FUN! We did role-playing. I mean our lecturers did role playing for us. It was soooo funny and entertaining. And what a good strategy to engage the restless students who stayed up in the night trying to finish their assignments. I found that a good way to create this rapport and attention of older school kids like us in Singapore is to share silly jokes and be thicked-skinned and all. Some videos and movie snippets are really helpful too. Ayt least that’s what I think works. Not sure about the other countries. HMMS.


During the good ol’ days where I actually paid enough attention to take down notes, no matter if the information is available on the net or not. Now, I’m simply just too lazy. Shouldn’t make a habit out of it, though(:


Written by GekTeng

January 12, 2011 at 10:15 PM

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