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>On the last day of 2010…

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>Okay! It’s a little late for me to post this, but I sure have fun things to share! Outings with old friends will never EVER be boring, and it’s a reminder of who you are! Oh, those memories, I will hold them ever so dearly.

So! We went to Vivo for my iPhone warranty, and I got the phone immediately! Which was surprising, but in a good sense(: The queue was damn long, and it’s people mountain people sea there, if you ask me. I’ve never seen such nice long queues for the scanning of the ezlink card (except that one woman who kept squeezing and cutting queues while complaining to her 4-5yo son of the crowd-.-). We ate at food republic and I ate lei cha! OMG so nice man! I haven’t ate this delicacy since lantern festival at Shuhui’s last year. YUMYUM.

We changed our plans and went directly to Teo Heng instead of playing water first. But very nice, 10+ bucks for 4 hours! At night somemore! Only Mom who didn’t know the karaoke market will think it’s expensive. Piss me off ah. ZZZ.

I was feeling ever so skeptical about going to ulu ulu Waterfront for countdown, but there was so many people it’s suffocating. I didn’t even have the space for catching the fireworks put up at the other coast Malaysia. But it was oh-so-very-the-nice! We played with our own fireworks thing and decided to call it a night, BACK TO SHUHUI’S!

Haha, sleepovers are always fun, we played monopoly deal and mahjong and talked and laughed for what seemed like hours. Okay, it’s hours, to be honest. Everyone kinda vowed to only go to sleep after 6 in the morning, and WE DID IT! We re-enacted Jerica’s ‘nightwalking’, Jeanette Aw’s character in the 9pm show, Xinying’s snoring and more more more! So funny, Isabel suspected Terence had tears flowing down. But yeah, good memories. And I get to sleep with the bunny Shuhui bought from KL last year! BEST!

So here’s to ever-lasting friendships!


Written by GekTeng

January 2, 2011 at 11:35 PM

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