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>Christmas Days!

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Whee! It’s such a belated Christmas post yaw! I’ve really got so many things to do and so many places to go! Just went to this Gardenia factory today, to CSI exhibition tomorrow, Singapore Arts Museum the next, and it’s New Year’s Eve with the bitches on Friday! I smell SLEEPOVERS! Can’t wait!

Assignments are stressing me up at the back of my head. It’s not really a good time to think of these anti-climax things you know. And the thought of going back to school sucks. Cos I’ll be busy and waking up early in the morning AGAIN. Hopefully I will survive. Let’s not think about these things anymore. Let’s not.

And so! Sleepovers have always been my favourite chill out events! I’m so glad I’m having 2 in less than 2 weeks! The first one was during Christmas Eve. So nice, we were playing mahjong and monopoly deal til early morning. Then Jerica was the first to sleep, and me and Shuhui chatted about romantic flicks and books til 6.17AM. Yes, I checked the time before we eventually dozed off. The aircon was in perfect temperature, and that bread-lookalike bunny was a perfect replacement of my bolster. In fact, better. I slept SUPERBLY WELL.

Next day was tiring. I went out with my parents after leaving Shuhui’s, and we shopped for the longest possible time. I was so tired I didn’t sleep right after I reached Grandma’s. The cake was quite good, and we decided to draw and decorate on ahyi’s cast which was taken out today. Luckily I shot pictures! I swear it will pass as a greeting card or something. Maybe next year I’ll print it out and send it as a greeting card maybe! At least to ahyi to remind her of these days~

Oh yeah, I need to clean my room and go IKEA one of these days! And get my brand new iPhone from Starhub soon! Well hopefully I do! We’re gonna go Vivo on Friday to play and all YIPPEE!


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December 27, 2010 at 11:06 PM

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