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>Leaving on a Jet Plane.

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>What a familiar song. I remember doing this song on the guitar for our music assessment in Sec 2. Now this song held so much more meaning and memories.

Today’s the last session of Performing Arts lecture with Ms Lavina, and SHE BROUGHT HER KIDS OMGOMG! Super cute, they really look like her, especially the eyes. I gaurantee when they smile together, it will be copy and paste faces. If you get what I mean.

So it’s such a fun day, cos’ my day started out right, nothing’s supposed to get in the way. Haha! Watched Wee-Sing Sillyville videos and all, really silly and funny. I was so crazy you won’t know I slept for less than 4 hours the night before! Oh, this reminds me of the cookies Ms Lavina made! YES! SHE MADE COOKIES FOR THE WHOLE ECH YEAR 1s! Whoa, so damn very the nice! I ate a lot, I practically stuffed them in my mouth HAHAHAHA opps.

Mawar said I had high sugar intake thus the high-ness. But whatever! I enjoyed every bit of it! We even danced outside after the class when T03 did their performance. OMG Lady Marmalade brings back lots of great memories too! It’s really unbelieveable how a song, or even a scent! can bring back so much memories in the past. Good memories. It’s like re-living them all over again, and building the memories and piling them up as they get more and more.

Call me the Memory Keeper.

And so there’s another awesome memory to add on for the song Leaving on a Jetplane. Ms Lavina sung the song to us! While playing the Ukelele! AWWW SERIOUSLY I WILL MISS HER LOTS MAN, and I swear I didn’t ever ever sleep in her classes before. NOT EVER! IT’S THAT FUN AND ENTERTAINING! Those people sitting at the back during lectures should get a feel of how it’s like sitting in the first 3 rows. Not that we have THAT much people-.-

HAFIZA EVEN CRIED. That’s one video I will keep it for life. swear my life over it. Not gonna share it online or anything like that. It’s very personal ya know!

GOD, I hate goodbyes. I almost cried too, it’s so touching. Cos you see, in poly, sometimes, the lecturers don’t give a damn. They just do their jobs and go. For us to have such a good relationship with this current lecturer, I think it’s really 难得。

and so, we’re gonna PARRTAYYYY COMING THURDAY DURING TUTORIAL! Last one, So sad. But I will take lots of pictures and everything! Memory keeper what(:

Then I’ll upload everything during the break. Excluding the performance by Ms Lavina. And after that crybaby Hafiza with her tears. Hehe!

Time for assignments again! What a dumb thing to do now! HAHAHAHA!

Oh yeah, just to be fair, PLAY TUTORIAL was fun too. We went on a bear hunt and searched for puzzle pieces in the ‘rivers’, ‘caves’, ‘stepping stones’, ‘mud’, and everything. Studying in ECH really makes you relive and go back to your childhood years and everything. Except those memories will be etched in your heart more deeply than when you’re young and… EGOISTIC?

Brings me back to PD. Low attendance, WHATEVER. I know the 3 things that i value most. They are PEACE, HAPPINESS AND QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS. And no one can tell me that they aren’t the most important things, nor can they convince me that I’m wrong about how i feel towards life. Cos’ it’s my life and I know best. Heh!


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December 13, 2010 at 9:56 PM

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