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>It’s a beautiful day, we have so many things to do!

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>Back and refreshed from 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep after 2 days at Changi Seaview Chalet! It’s such an honour to have the chance to stay there, it’s like a dream. Not ALL Singaporeans get a chance to book this chalet, you see;D I’ve always wanted to live in a beach house, wake up to the sun and seas and sand and all that, for Singapore to have this kind of place, it’s really unbelieveable! hahaha!

We went to check in on Friday(lucky there’s no FP for that day!), and explored that place. The only thing I regret was not going to the beach for a walk. I thought the games next day would offer me a chance to do so, but sadly, it wasn’t the case:( Played poker cards with the others, and had a last meeting which had changed everything in the end.

Had a movie marathon, but I didn’t watch them as I still settling the shirt stuff. Thank god for Kevin’s parents, they helped me throughout the camp with this silly shirt stuff. And people really need to up their self-esteem a little; don’t wait until they’ve got the size they have ordered and then realise it’s too big for them for heaven’s sake! Size L’s a REALLY BIG size, you know!

Settled down around 2 mindnight, I guess, and watched Nanny Mcphee 2. I dozed off, but yeah, a signal for everyone that we might as well sleep. The elder ones slept on the rooms upstairs, so we decided to be the gate keepers for once. Heh! Wasn’t a good long sleep, but good enough. Thanks for those who slept on the floor, chair, hard things, for if not for their sacrifice, I would have been the one sleeping on them instead of the comfy sofa.

The main day was quite a success, to my opinion! Although the day started with less than 20 people, we decided to continue the show and settled for plan b. Cycling at Ubin! Really can die. They chose this goddamn slope-y route that had me panting for goodness sake. I didn’t even have the chance or the strength to take out my nikon to shoot things. But it’s alright, if only I was not hanging on a thread of being sick and not sick, I would have conquered all the uphills like a did with the downhills. Gotta go try again next time!

More people came, luckily. Hosted this indoor games for a while, and it was really fun! Quite a success, thank you very much. Ivan helped, of course. Thank him very much. Sissy’s game was fun too, I tried timelapsing them lining the plates together, but still not sure how it will look like. Silly, I guess.

Leng aunt’s friend came to do a talk. For goodness sake, that’s the time when the 4 lovely organisers took a break. Wasn’t sure if promoting their products was a good thing or not, but I’m glad some audiences made a point to find out more after that. So it was great as well!

Dinner was SO YUMMY! I love how they could actually fry vercemilli and make them taste so good. Kevin did a great job in the impromptu games YAW! with the help of my sissy of course! Haha! The Santa thing was really surprising. Iloved the atmosphere there, when everyone came and settled down into groups and all. If only they were all here earlier. Ivan’s millionaire questionaire was awesome as well! He’s got good hosting skills, I swear. hahaha! I learnt quite an amount of stuffs too!

It was so hilarious, we decided to give them prizes like bread and other food stuff. They opened the box up and MUAHAHAHAHHAA! Kudos to Kevin the Mastermind! Well, everything has come to an end, a good one, I guess. We’ve got some really great advices and compliments and sponsors and even have some targets on the EXCOs for our subsequent events!

Ahhh, it’s so good to be young(:


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December 12, 2010 at 8:08 PM

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