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>Silly Saturday!

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Today’s a really good day, compared to yesterday’s suckish day. I don’t even know what contemplated me to write that out. HMMS. So it’s all good, it’s all good(:

Mawar and Yana came to my place for the CAYC performance thing thing today! It was so cool, we had so much fun! And i can double, triple, if not quadruple and quintuple confirm plus chop plus sign that I, GAN GEK TENG, have TWO LEFT FEET. Okay? I can’t dance, I suck at it, PERIOD.

But what’s important is that I have lots of fun learning those dance steps and making them silly! Haha! At least they’ve got entertainment value, which I’m alright with!

We completed and rehearsed and everything within less than 2 hours. Really not expecting this at all. This shows how work oriented we are! YEAH! The rest of the time we spent on strumming the guitar and playing the piano. Oh, I still can’t believe I have a PIANO IN MY ROOM. Hahaha! I LOOOOOVE IT! And today will be the day I played the guitar for the longest time of my life. Lucky thing is my fingers aren’t hurting so bad now, they’ve all gone seasoned! Which is good. I don’t have to have skin tearing off and hanging on the tips of my fingers every single time I play the guitar.

After that was dinner. Dad actually REMEMBERED to buy the mock prawns for me to try doing the Corn prawns or something like that I’ve learnt from Kevin’s mom recently! Then we went to NTUC at civic to buy more things. I’m gonna be cooking carbonara speghetti tomorrow! Hopefully it will be successful. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Then maybe the next LADIES’ sleepover, we’ll cook that for dinner/supper/breakfast/WHATSOEVER! Whoo! Although we haven’t come up with a date yet, I’m still excited!

Okay, gonna start tackling my play assignment now. Shush! It’s not as easy as you think! The play PROCESS is fun, but not the play ASSIGNMENT. Those are two totally DIFFERENT things altogether. So let me have my peace for a while.


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November 27, 2010 at 11:42 PM

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