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>Updates, updates!

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>Okay, a fast post before I hit the sack. I’ve not been blogging recently and all that, so yeah.

E-learning’s the week this week, and as much as I’m overwhelmed with so many things, I’m glad that everything’s sorting themselves out slowly now. Oh, give me a breather, who says Poly’s slack?! But somehow or rather, I think I enjoyed the process more than my other peers. As in secondary school peers. I hope to meet them soon in spite of their busy schedules! Turning to be as busy as real-life business people already! Heh!

As usual, I stayed at Grandma’s when school’s out. Jovianne is JUST. SO. CUTE. OHMYGOD. THE

I know this is as useless as bullshit, but post soon when I have the time to!



Written by GekTeng

November 25, 2010 at 12:09 AM

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