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>Ultimate Love Song

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>I chanced upon this song sometime yesterday at this event at Northpoint. Ahh, old songs just bring back gazzillions of memories. I remembered having to listen and interpret this song in one of the English class during Sec 2. Drenched me with emotions and whatever you call that.

I didn’t know why, wasn’t feeling quite good today. This song kept playing and playing in my head like an old broken record. And sitting in Makan Place eating my kway tiao, I suddenly wished I could go back to those days. The days where recesses meant booking one of those umbrella-shaded picnic tables and home-made sangwiches from my mother, and lunches meant a bottle of green tea with XinLing plus random chats with the chinese rice aunty. School seemed more realistic and ‘small-scaled’ than what I saw the last time. Poly’s overwhelming, especially the tuition fees. I love what I do there, but it’s the people and happenings in secondary school that I’m afriad I’ll always miss. I don’t know why, but I just keep coming back to those memories from secondary school. This song just brings back memories. I remembered singing it with Isabel during class too!

Oh, you can never expect/believe how a song from nowhere can squeeze so much memories and emotions out of a person.

So here’s the song. I know I’ve slept alot, but since I finished what I planned to do already, there’s no reason for me to stay awake anymore. Besides, I really need to sleep off these raw emotions pouring out of me. And maybe dream for a while.

Off to a new attachment centre at Woodgrove Avenue tomorrow, with 2 anecdotals to complete at the end of the day! Shall look for a cutiepie to observe on! Hoping for the best, but no expectations yet. Til now, other than my own childcare I attended when I was young, Kindercare’s THE BEST.

Here’s to LOVE, and everything in between.

love, me.


Written by GekTeng

November 15, 2010 at 11:01 PM

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