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>a random chance of fate.

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>Woohoo! Went out with Isabel and her brother Gabriel today! But why do I call it fate? Cos she was free on the only day in the week when I had no school! It’s just fate and nothing else(:

Isabel and Gabriel will be going Thailand and had a chance to stock up their wardrobes along the way too, so off to BUGIS we go! Had KOI, the ice-cream tea or whatever they ordered wasn’t as good as expected, the icecream serving was so pathetic.

What awed me in this gigantic and almost-empty Illuma is their exhibition on Harry Potter! Oh my, they made me fall in love with the whole series all over again. Gotta buy the books I’m missing and read them all over again! Maybe the whole movie series once everything comes out. MUAHAHAHA, I’m gonna be so broke after that>.< They showcased the clothes and fashions donned by characters, AND EVEN THEIR WANDS! Okay, I know they are not real wands that could really cast a spell and all that, but still! I regretted for not taking a picture of that exhibits but went right inside to the exhibition hall instead. Not a huge one, but it was fairly enough. All posters from the movies were put up in huge frames, especially the promo stands for the upcoming part 1 of the deathly hallows. For one thing, although I could remember it was Edwin who lent me his book during my sec 2 years, I really couldn’t remember any of the contents in the last book AT ALL. Nope, not even how Voldemort perished. Or was it Harry? Eeek, I must be getting old.

Shopping for Gabriel proved to be a tough and annoying task to accomplish. Isabel has the exact sentiments, to be honest. Before he gets more mature and buffed up, and stop being so stubborn to not try on children’s clothes that actually FIT him, there’s no reason I’ll go shopping with him at all in the near future. Maybe Shuhui should give it a try, Isabel and I decided. HA!

I bought this navy shirt that costs $20. The decision was made in such a haste, I didn’t really think about it. I hope this will be a shirt I’ll wear for years to come! Like this current one I’m wearing now. Don’t you just love sleeping in old and loose shirts?!

Isabel had her attention caught on this cheap cheap $26 FOX pullover, and influenced me to want to buy it as much as she does. The colour she wants didn’t have her size, but we didn’t forget to camwhore in the fitting room before leaving our precious pullovers that weren’t meant to be ours! Damn, they should have zips, for goodness sake!

Pictures of the 2 ultimate unglam queens of 4/6(2009), then sleep. Long day tomorrow!

That’s all for now! Everything will be up on Facebook by TOMORROW EVENING. PROMISE!

***gangekkhee you better not use the comp while I’m uploading the picture… teehee^^


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November 9, 2010 at 11:54 PM

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