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Oh, the joy of a fellow ECH student! It’s just SOOO GOOOD to feel like a kid once again!

Wow, sometimes I’m just so happy I chose this course instead of listening to the elders say I should enrol in better courses or even go JC. The modules in second sem are all quite fun!

I just realised through the creative arts lecture that listening to children’s songs actually makes me happy. Heh! For all you know, I’ll probably be spamming Laurie-something and those old hi-5 songs in my ipod instead of GLEE and Lady Antebellum.

Okay, into the main attraction of today’s post, let’s introduce my new-found favourite module of ECH 1.2, PLAY!

Today’s tutorial was so fun I don’t think any one of us actually minded getting dirty and leaving the class with hands like HULK or AVATAR. Mine was alright, it looked hot-pinkish(: HAHAHA! And so we made goo (yes, those nickelodeon awards green slimy GOO) with water and corn flour, junk play with national geographic magazines and everything else you could find in the mindless and messy pile of junk, and finally edible playdohs made out of mixing flour, cream of tartar and water. I actually haven’t heard of this cream of tartar thing until I was required to bring them for this session. It actually makes the doh softer and yea, with the help of Giang Hwee and Sihui, I managed to find the filling for my COLOURFUL COLOURFUL X1000000000000000000 yam pao(:

Since it’s a Monday, we have our funny event for our funny day. Heh! I wore my shoes in the room without knowing, until Yana asked me about it when we left to wash our hands! It didn’t even occur to me that I should be shoe-less, and all the more to be looking for my shoe once I got oiut to go to the toilet. And yes, there am I, playing with flour and junk and whatsoever, with my shoes on instead of outside. This showed how focused and fun everyone was having in the session that none of them, except Yana – yes, not even me – noticed that I was wearing shoes and still walking around the class. Don’t know why, at this time the story of The King and his Clothes or something popped inside my mind. Haha, I bet Yana’s gonna start laughing again once she reads my post.

Other things included Mawar turned sick she didn’t make it to class today): I really missed having all the 3 of us together again man! Feels so funny without Yana, or without Mawar during lunches and all that. Even group work feels different. MAWAR, COME BACK TO SCHOOL SOON!

I foresee the day when the 3 of us are back in action again, I’ll be sure to take a picture. HAHAA!



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November 8, 2010 at 9:11 PM

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