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>My first sunset…

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>ever since I became aware of things. Heh!

I planned to write this post yesterday but was again caught up by family events. Sort of like that la. Spent my whole deepavali at ahma’s. It was fun! Especially at night when everyone came and the house was booming with laughter and fun and whatever.

So on thursday after school I went West Coast to catch the sunset with my awesome T02 girlfriends! Armed with 3 DSLRs, mine as the only sole NIKON in the group, starts our journey into the unguarded terrain of the humongous West Coast area. I didn’t know West Caost was THAT big! We had supposedly got into the wrong bus, if not alighted at the wrong stop, and went over to the pond and dog running side of the West Coast. Walked in the opposite direction of our destination, and ended up taking a bus there.

I remembered how Aisyah and Evangeline thought a folded crane on a vehicle looked like the MacDonald’s sign that we’re desperately finding to get your directions back!

Finally we got there and decided not to walk all the way to where the playgrounds and all were, and settled down at the pier. If only all the yatches and sailboats were not blocking, we would have a complete and unblocked view of the whole sun coming down the horizon. But no matter what, it’s a beautiful sight to see.

Aisyah’s sushi and Hafiza’s cookies were the bomb man! We gobbled everything up while sitting on what we call a picnic mat made of the day’s Straits Times. Took lots of pictures; Raihanna, Mawar, Hafiza and me were camwhoring on our lovely mat while Evan and Aisyah stargazed and talked. We even had a fun group shot to end the night!

Pretty awesome day spent, I look forward to more of these outings! Especially the one I’m gonna be having with the LADIES of 4/6. May there be lots of events to look forward to in the near future! My NIKON and I are all hyped up and ready for all of it! WOO!


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November 6, 2010 at 1:04 PM

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