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>of the 3 2-hour lectures I had today. If it weren’t for GLEE and Amazing Race on Channel 5, I would have been sleeping right now. Oh, but whatever! I have this great feeling I’m gonna enjoy tomorrow. We’re going West Coast! With 3 DSLRs, can you believe it? I’m the lone NIKON here, but it’s alright, I’m lovin’ it!

I don’t like lectures back-to-back. Makes poly life seem meek and boring. Especially in the ECH field/course, NOTHING CAN BE BORING. My favourite module of all is ultimately Creative Arts with Ms Lavina. Loving all the songs and jumping around we did during lectures and tutorials! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s tutorial. IMHO, her tutorial should be the last for the day to make our thursdays end great. Not that Mrs Tian isn’t good, but how can Child Development module be comparable to fun and lively Creative Arts?! There’s just no way.

Writing my notes in Play lecture in tiny sizes. Kinda reminded me of the days with Mrs Lee during Humanities lesson. Oh, I just miss those days. In fact, the lesson that I missed the most in Riverside’s actually Mrs Lee’s lesson. Don’t you just miss those days!?!?!

Been visiting the FLICKR community very frequent these days, I kinda liked how flickr worked. Maybe it’s time to open another photoblog after I have a steady amount of photographs in my photostream.


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November 3, 2010 at 9:47 PM

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