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Today’s the first day of school, and dammit I woke up early. Earlier than expected. Mom was busy doing the laundry at 4AM in the morning and by 5+ she woke me up. Couldn’t fall asleep again. I really felt nervous! Hahahaa! After so many years of schooling I still DREAD school. HEH!

Today’s bus driver was a damn gong one, I didn’t know which silly route he took, but he ended up paying extra ERP, and stuck in numerous jams, that at one point I couldn’t recognise where I am anymore I thought he’s gonna sell us all. And yes, we took around 1 hour, twice longer than the usual amount of time taken to reach school. I remembered at one point there’s signs which pointed back to Woodlands road that seriously freaked me out. I don’t wanna be late for the first day of school!

Yana reached school at 8.09AM, I remembered checking my phone at that time when she texted me. Mawar’s shuttle bus was late. And so Yana went up without meeting us in the end as time was really running out. Turned out that the teacher was also a few minutes late. Traffic jams were happening at all parts of the city, I suppose!

The first lesson was Creative Arts for Young Children, and oh how I love it! Can’t wait to do up lesson plans, but to act them out in our attachment centres proved it impossible for me. Fiza and I weren’t going back to Kindercare anymore, and we had to restart the whole introduction and transition period with new children and all that. I’m seriously gonna miss the people in Kindercare! I can’t help but think of how much Miss Anita’s gonna be of help with our assignments for this module, since she’s a music and movement teacher. Hope we’ll be alright in our new environment! Which we wouldn’t know until the 4th week of school.

But however stressing it was, I had fun! It’s somewhat like a sharing session where we get to do physical stuffs and sing and interact. And much to our excitement, we have this drama dn music performance at the end of the term! Whoo! That’s gonna be SOOOOO FUN! I seriously can’t wait!

CAYC is about unleashing the creativity minds of young children and not enclosing them with boundaries. The sky’s the limit! And skies are not always blue, flowers not only red, and leaves not only green either. She showed us this video which I took the time to find in youtube. It’s damn cute! I’ve already listened and listened to this song countless time already, and I CAN’T STOP! Watch it! Just like it’s worth reblogging in my blog, it’s worth watching!

Then we had a 3 hour break in between and decided to play monopoly in the games area. Made me think of the days back where we had our o levels and were playing during lunch at Yueqi’s… and how maomao made me lose my first kiss. OH DAMMIT.

The second and last module of the day was Professional Development. For teachers, I can presume. And you know what? Here’s the good thing about studying in my course – the lecturers are actually trained teachers who have 20+ years of experience with YOUNG CHILDREN. And all are hyper and childish and everything you wish a teacher can be. Of course there are exceptions, but we shan’t talk about the minorities(: One quality of being a professional early childhood educator is to be POSITIVE!

And a smile is the best cosmetic anyone can put on. FOC too! hahaha!

I really enjoyed my day! It’s been a wonderful day 1, but to be honest I can’t wait for the Depavali holiday next friday and the elearning week on the 5th week. Oh, and did I mention my tuesdays are off for the first 3 weeks? WOOHOO I LOVE MY COURSE!


It’s a decision I will never regret forever!

Here’s to great and impactful teachers!

P.S. The original singer of the song Red Flowers mentioned in the video above is by Harry Chapin. This is an alternate version(;


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October 25, 2010 at 11:07 PM

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