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>Have you ever wondered…

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>how serious the haze situation is back in Indonesia, judging how it has affected Singapore already?

PSI’s getting over 100, my throat don’t feel well, it’s as if something’s stuck midway of my windpipe I’ll feel the bulge whenever I swallow. And Jovianne’s getting sick too.

But why is this brought upon us? It’s not like we’re the cause of it! Why are people so selfish? Do they know that their actions are putting lives into danger? And how about themselves? Sometimes, Being able to live in a healthy environment is all we need right? Seriously, what are they thinking? This problem has gone on for FOREVER, and it finally occur to me that I shall blog my feelings about it. My helpless feelings.

And holy macaroney! School’s starting next week! I’ll be going out EVERYDAY and exposed to all the haze shits. It’s such a fortunate thing to say I have no breathing or asthma problems since young, if not this will be HELLISH for me.

I’ve always dreamt of living in a place where there’s more greenery and space to run. Imagine fresh air 24/7, and a huge field to run and tumble and roll around. Okay, I don’t see myself doing it, but I’d love to have this kind of environment to live in. Singapore’s just not big enough to harvest these big dreams of mine. Are they too big? I don’t know. I just want to go for some farmstays in New Zealand or Australia, visit their farms, milk some cows, ride some horses, and enjoy mother nature. It’s so simple, but so tough.

For the last note, SCREW THE HAZE.

Selfish people, please tell me your reasons, not excuses, for burning the crops. And speeding up the process of clearing your crops is an EXCUSE.


Written by GekTeng

October 22, 2010 at 12:46 PM

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