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Total madness! This is what my laptop screen looks like when I’m still in the midst of uploading other pictures from the celebration. Yuen Lam’s proven to be an efficient TAGGER! But to be honest, it irritated the hell out of me with all the sounds and popups. I can totally foresee how I’d end up clicking the ‘cancel’ box on the uploader like I did yesterday. But luckily, everything came out to be alright(: And yes, yesterday was the day my upload completely failed me, and guess what? I COULD SEE THE PICTURES UP ON YANJUN’S BLOG! totally freaked the hell outta me man!

So I decided to give it another try today by uploading 5 pictures by 5 pictures. Works better and, in my perspective, faster than trying to upload EVERYTHING at once. I wasted around 1.5 hours last night to come back to a failed upload. In other words, I gave up. Really didn’t have the patience to wait soooo long for 50 few pictures to appear on facebook. Yes, I’m as impatient as an ant-eater(I don’t know how this animal came into mind but I remember watching something in the animal planet that reminds me of it, haha.).

In YanJun’s side, they just magically appeared and lucky her saved the pictures wayyy before the others even get to see it. Pop her visit to her blog and TADAH! all the pictures, glam, unglam of us were there. Except pictures with her in it. So, being the world’s best friend, I decided to give her some publicity here in my blog! (It’s as if anyone would even care about my blog! lmao.)

There you go! My payback time, MUAHAHAHAHA! I’ll make sure our dearest Yan Jun sees this:DDDDDDDDDD


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October 14, 2010 at 10:15 PM

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