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>Yo! I’m here to blog again! It’s been such a fun day today I can’t help but post as soon as possible. Met up with YJ, YL, Mel, Mandy and Bernice today to have our belated birthday celebrations at Astons where Mandy slogged for money at.

11 hours! Can you believe it? She works for 11 hours EVERYDAY! Man, she must be filthy rich now. Heh! I guess she must have enjoyed herself there, with friends and all. Sometimes working with fun people is actually not a job anymore, but more of having fun and goofing around. Like in school! When there’s no customers. I can see she’s really enjoying herself, earning big bucks AND having fun at the same time! Lucky girl.

Plus point of Mandy working at Astons – I get big portions of EVERYTHING I ordered. The rice was damn nice I wished I didn’t have potato salad and had 2 bowls that rice instead! It’s not that big a portion, just that it’s of BIGGER portions than a normal side dish can get. Pictures later! Facebook’s taking such a long time to upload, I don’t want to further lag its progress. And to further slow down my uploading speed is my mother who’s watching this new korean drama on the new computer now. Bad influence from her colleagues! She even went online window shopping. HURHUR. And she don’t even have credit card! (My father offered to give her a supp. card, but she declined.)

Oh yeah, we had free soft drinks too! Thanks to that sweet talker Mandy! If only Astons was a vegetarian restaurant, I wouldn’t even hesitate to work there.

The minus point to Mandy working there is that she couldn’t join us for lunch): But the restaurant wasn’t packed, so she could walk around and all that, so it was still good. Not like Shuhui! She didn’t come today, hahaha, but we still had the atmosphere liven up! This girl really missed lots of stuff, and I’m now blogging about it to let her get jealous of the fun things we did without her. HAHAHA!

But chill, I wasn’t mad at her absence, and honestly, I don’t think anyone were. She promised to show up for her class outing first, so it was right she went for it, like she said she would. But it’s one less head on our group picture again):

We waited for Mandy to have her break at 4 to cut the cake, and had lots of fun! Bernice was snapping away with my camera and completely clueless about the focus points. And indeed, some pictures, turned out to be out of focus. Haha! But that was some good shooting Bernice did! I didn’t really bothered to shoot people and all that>.< What a lazy photographer I am!

The size of the cake was just right, I guess, and really yummy! Really enjoyed the day. We chatted for quite a while and I got really chatty! Hehehee! I haven’t been talking like I did today for such a long time! It almost feels like we’re back in Riverside having our recess together at one of the umbrella-shaded picnic tables once again.

And we’re even discussing about the next outing already! Should be set in late December, I gathered, and most probably going to the USS! Hefty amount of entrance fees and spendings for me to save for this 2 months before the trip itself. And I can’t wait! I’m literally bouncing with enthusiasm as they mentioned of the plans to visit the USS. I. SERIOUSLY. CAN’T. WAIT.

Til I have something to post again, BYEBYE!


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October 13, 2010 at 9:24 PM

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