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I didn’t manage to capture the process of making the water chestnut drink, but I did remember to capture the brew! It was super nice, to have homemade drinks almost every week. Last week we had barley, and now water chestnut. How good can life get in ahma’s place?!

It wasn’t until just now that I learnt that the drink is actually made by brewing the skin of the water chestnuts with water! What a worthy investment, if you ask me. You brew drinks with the skin, and get to eat the fruit too. Mom actually said that the fruit can help remove plagues in our teeths when we chew and chew and chew. But in an attempt to make a non-fruit eater like me to have a healthier diet, I can’t help but wonder, after the chewing, you don’t spit the ‘plagues’ or whatever in your teeth out, BUT YOU ACTUALLY SWALLOW IT?! Hmms. That’s definitely something worth pondering about. Hehehe!

I’ve been learning kids photography these days, visiting this photographer’s baby blog. Her tutorials on how to take young children and the post processing really lit my lightbulb. Haha, I’m glad to have Jovianne as my model! Or guinea pig I guess! And the funny thing about Jovianne is, she’s learning and thriving on walking more than she is on crawling! Now, I know and understand that developmental rates differ from one child to another (I heard about the daughter of my aunt’s friend whose front teeth grew when she’s as young as 4 months!), but knowing to walk first THEN crawl?! Now that’s abit unusual, isn’t it?

Here’s one shot of my guinea pig. I tried not to make the image very photoshop-ed hence just added some pinkish and tweaked little things here and there. Haha!

Oh yeah, more of the photography tips I was talking about earlier here, and her respective baby blog here(;


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October 5, 2010 at 7:32 PM

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