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>the happy kind of emotional

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>Lady Antebellum’s our kind of love’s playing now(;

I haven’t really intend to post today, but their songs really urged some strong feelings out of me. God, I feel like talking to someone about the numerous and incresing amount of thoughts that are running through my mind now! It’s like my typing speed isn’t fast enough to catch up with the sentences I’m forming inside my head, and when I finally got there, I forgot how I was supposed to continue already.

And the background music of lady antebellum isn’t helping me express myself clearer.

But I know I love this song the first time I hear it. Happy happy tune, with the enthu “here we go!” at the beginning. To be honest, it makes me wanna fall in love and I wonder when my knight in shining armour’s gonna come for me…

Opps too much disney! Or maybe try the new season of Amazing Race;D

As much as I love those sad and touching love songs, these songs give me hope, and make me not want to sleep>.< Everybody needs hope to survive in this crazy world. And I believe that's why religions are such important figures in people's lives, aye? They need to know that someone will be there to protect and love them, and when they feel protected and blessed, they find the strength within themselves to continue! And that's faith(;

No, I’m not crossing over to Christianity or what, nor do I intend to. But I believe everyone will always fall back on their respective gods to find strengths right? Just my two cents worth.

I love how I’d read through the lyrics while listening to songs. It’s like directing an imaginative and wonderful music video in your head. And believe it or not, you’ll make yourself the lead actress and you’ll continue the ‘story’ even before you sleep, lying on your bed, figuring and daydreaming about the plot. Hahaha! I guess that’s what slacking lazy girls in the middle of vacation does to pass their time.

And yes, I admit I do daydream ALOT during my 7 week long vacation. No – wait. I daydream 24/7! I just realised. In the bus, when I’m showering, waiting to fall asleep, and of course, listening to songs. Well, what’s a ‘prince charming-less’ girl gotta do?

Man, how I want to fall in love now. Yes, right now.

Or call it a summer fling! Although summer’s over-.-

Now I bet if Minmin sees this, she’ll be chiding “Ting ting, you’re such a bitch.”

No substance, GEKTENG! Not cool at all. Heh!



Written by GekTeng

October 4, 2010 at 12:14 AM

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