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>Whee! You know I’m at ahma’s place when I don’t blog/facebook everyday:) Everyday’s been interesting here and as always, good times fly. It’s Friday again, tomorrow’s Saturday and tuition time. Guess I’m gonna be going home tonight. AWWWW!

Raya with the girls was fun! I get to wear baju kurung again heheee! Will be posting that soon!

Today’s Children’s Day, been wanting to go back to Kindercare with Hafiza but I guess we decided to give it a miss. I had long forgotten that today’s the day of the release of our results and woke up to a text full of “codes”. Hahahaa! filled with my grades for various modules(; But it wasn’t until I logged in to npal did I realise I actually gotten an AD for WRITCOM! LOLS! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten even an A for English for the past 4 years, and now this! THANK YOU OBESITY, hahaha!

So, my results were admirable. If only it maintains like this for the rest of the 2.5 years in poly.

Okay, so my aunts actually told ahma that I’d only forgive her if she cooks suan pan zi for me, and so she did, on my second day here, which was yesterday. GOD, I WAS TOTALLY KIDDING! I didn’t think they would tell ahma and all that! And what’s even worser was that I didn’t help her much yesterday on making them because of cramps. I had the worst cramps in the whole wide world yesterday I could sleep off the pain the whole day.

But the food was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

And this was proven by the fact that I was far too busy eating plates and plates of it (Ahma reserved a whole pot of it for me:D) that I had forgotten to take any pictures to post. I’ve just finished the last plate! hahaaa!

Happiness is…. when you’re eating too much but not worrying about growing fat! hahahaa!

Ahhhh what a wonderful feeling… I’m brimming with love and joy and everything happy I wish it could stay forever! AND EVER!


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October 1, 2010 at 11:09 AM

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