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>Raya-ing with poly mates!

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>Yay! My first raya with the lovely T02 girls! Got to visit Yana’s, Ryehanna’s, Mawar’s, Hafiza’s and Aisyah’s house. Basically it’s a day round Singapore. From Braddel all the way to SengKang, then to Tampines then Woodlands. And not to forget to Aisyah’s at Bukit Panjang. The layout of her house is very much similar to mine, although in my house we changed the entrance of the kitchen in order for our fotang to be set up(;

Met up with Hafiza and wore her baju kurung. Haven’t worn that in a long time since last year’s Racial Harmony. Fiza’s mom was so enthusiastic of us going in traditional costumes she lent us some jewellery to wear. Lovely!

Lunch at Yana’s with beehoon and coke. I brought my dearest D5000 along with me. I was just beginning to try toggling all the settings like white balance and stuffs, so sometimes the pictures I’ve taken weren’t what I wanted. But yeah, I believe with more practice I’m gonna be PRO. HAHAHAHA! Practice makes perfect!

And so we went to Ryehanna’s house next. I didn’t know her mom was around until she came out to take a group shot for us! We watched a malay horror movie with no subtitles. Was beyond terrified at the beginning but after that realised the ghost wasn’t really mch to be afraid of. But super funny expressions were shot by Evan! Especially those of Fiza! I’m proud to say all have been uploaded in Facebook, by fiza herself:D Take a look if you can! No regrets, promise.

Met up with Mawar at her house. The cream puffs made by her mother was DELICIOUS! I ate lots of them since I couldn’t eat the rest of the food there>.< Then evceryone bused back to Woodlands for Fiza's. Fadzli went too! He's such a super cute darling, hahhaa! I slept the whole ride there, MUAHAHAHAA! After Fiza's taxi-ed to Bukit Panjang. Heard that Aisyah quarrelled with the taxi driver on which road's the fastest to the destination! Ate a late dinner at Aisyah's, but I didn't hesitate to take a second serving of pasta her mom made cos' it's simply mouthwatering. hehehee! Huge fetish there for food I have, so watch out:D I kinda wished my mom knows how to bake and cook nice stuffs, but reality sucks, don't it? But it's okay! I'll be the one to bake and cook nice things for my family instead(; Aisyah's dad came back and showed us card tricks. I didn't know how long we watched but everything ended at around 10plus. Aisyah got her dad to drive us to YCK mrt somemore! THANKS AISYAH AND AISYAH DAD! HEHEHE! Go see Fiza's pictures for the card tricks, she took nice pictures of them! All in all, a nice warm gathering with new friends. What a fun day!


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September 29, 2010 at 7:15 PM

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