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>August the Fifteenth

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>Also known as the MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL in the chinese calendar. I loooooove Mid-autumn! Playing with candles, lighting up lanterns, fixing them on trees and other fixtures… making a nice scene out of just paper and a small flame. How nice.

Our family celebration, throughout the years, have never been one that included making small talks and eating mooncakes while looking up at the huge, huge moon. But I still remembered how we celebrated last year with my best budds! Everyone tied plaits and went down with mooncakes and everything. Shuhui even bought a thermo flask of green tea which no one drank cos’ it’s too hot! Ahhh, all the good times; I’m always brought back to them now and then. It’s really good to come back to awesome memories once in a while to remind myself of how blessed I really am(:

This year’s celebration was quite fun, we lit candles and hung the lanterns that ah gong just bought on mini bushes along the walkway in our neighbourhood. It was really great to feel like a kid again, only this time armed with a dslr to capture all those wonderful memories to keep for life. If only the playground under ahma’s block hadn’t been closed for renovation! I really don’t understand the rational of destroying a playground that didn’t seemed too old or dangerous for kids. Must every corner of the country be filled with modern and ravishly decorated amenities and buildings for it to look good and reputable? As far as I know Singapore mini size is its limits, I had always wished that our good ol’ kampongs are still around sometimes. Now I can only wonder what it’s like to live in a community where toilets are shared and dogs could roam and children can climb trees and run around and steal fruits from their neighbour’s or relative’s fruit trees. Now we don’t even have the space to do so in our crampy HDB flats. (Excluding the stealingpart, obviously.) If only I was rich. HAHA.

Well, may better days lie ahead! What’s a civilian got to do but cherish the peace and stability good old Singapore has to offer? At least we still able to carry out our traditions and practices that actually will define us. Well whatever, I’m out of point already.

I can’t wait for Tuesday when I’ll go jalan raya with Mawar and the rest! WOOHOO!


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September 23, 2010 at 3:12 PM

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