Confessions of a Sentimentalist

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>Of friendship and love.

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>This is one of the lonely and empty nights when I’m thinking of my past… and my friends… so pardon me for being melancholic. feelings just come rushing to me like this once in a while. I’m sure everyone has their moments.

As one matures into adulthood, what will they remember most of their teenage years?

Well, for me, I guess I’ll remember the crazy nights the LADIES have during our infamously often scheduled sleepovers.


And the many other things I still think about and laugh to myself secretly. Will memories fade? Or do they last forever? Have we made ample deep impressions on each other and impacts on our lives that we will still look back at the good old days? Would we remember about them when we’re old and weary? Or will everything just diminish slowly and fade away with the time as seconds and minutes and hours pass?

I’m very proud to say I’ve got great friends that I’d LOVE to have for life. Great memories that I still hold dear to me, and even more so now that we see each other lesser and lesser. The value of our friendship? Priceless. Especially in such a scary world where terrorists could come out unscath from an idol audition? And how about the bus hijack in Philippines that costed 8 precious lives? WHERE IS THE LOVE, PEOPLE?

And I’m so lucky to have found such great friends in this dog-eat-dog world.

Ones to turn to in doubt, frustrations, anger, or when I just need a listening ear. To rant.


You should love yours too, and be thankful that in this mad, mad world, you still have family and friends that actually give a damn.

Cos’ in some corners of this world, people are losing their loved ones, or have already lost them. And when you say it’s too late, it’s really too late to say anything else anymore.

Let’s sleep now.


Written by GekTeng

August 29, 2010 at 10:05 PM

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  1. >aww,gekteng..i feel the same way!!and i thought i was the only one being emotional while blogging..haha!well,don't forget to talk to me when you have troubles kay?i might not be in that particular clique of yours and we might not always be together,but feel free to talk to me! =]love,ellis


    August 31, 2010 at 1:15 AM

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