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>I was helping my grandma mop the floor earlier on when I realised the water needed filled more than three-quarters of the pail. Usually at home, Mom only filled less than one-quarter of the pail – to save water.

“Ah Ma! Why fill the pail with so much water?”
“So that the water won’t appear to be too dirty and blackish after I finish mopping what!”

This has somewhat set me thinking while I mopped feverishly. It’s been quite some time since I did anything meaningful whatsoever.

It’s just like how people deal with the negativities in their lives. Like how Ah Ma tried to make the water – in other words, her house – appear to be less dirty by increasing the amount of the water.

People, LIKE ME, tend to make their problems and worries less significant by 1. thinking about happy things and 2. engaging in activities that will stop one from looking on the bad side of life.

As I drafted this post inside my head, I thought about my pending piano results. I haven’t been thinking about it for quite some time now, with all the flurry of activities I’ve engaged in these days. But it has always been somewhere in the back of my head, waiting for the right time to ‘attack’ and to swallow me whole without me knowing. I wonder when it’s gonna strike.

Jovianne’s been sick. Flu and all that. It’s so tough for me to see her struggle when we gave her medicine. It’s easier not to look and simply walk away to another room to read my book when this happens. And I wonder, as we sooth her by exclaiming the return of her voice and the recovery of her fever, are we comforting and consoling her, or are we doing this just to make ourselves feel better?

I wonder if actions like these proves people like me to be optimistic, or if we’re just running away from our problems instead?


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August 13, 2010 at 1:09 PM

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